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Sears Kenmore / GE refrigerator only dispenses crushed ice, no cubes

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dispenser Repair, Icemaker Repair, Refrigerator Repair 05 May 2012 · 1,176 views
Sears, Kenmore, GE, refrigerator and 2 more...

Not unusual for the solenoid actuator for the metal arm of the icetray auger to seize up. It is located above the actuator stirrup at the back of the freezer - the actuator pin gets froze up and seizes and the solenoid melts down. Part Links below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: sears model number 363.58067890


How to install the heater kit on the dispenser of a GE refrigerator to stop it from freezing water in the tube

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dispenser Repair, Refrigerator Repair 14 April 2012 · 3,219 views
GE, refrigerator, dispenser and 3 more...
So you thawed out the dispenser supply tube and now the dispenser works again. All good, right?


Yes, you still need to install the heater kit. Don't believe me? Yeah, I know, I'm just a semi-lucid, mostly-fermented Samurai so, heck, I don't blame you-- half the time, I don't believe me, either! But perhaps you'll believe Chief Master Appliantologist DurhamAppliance:

Yes, you still need to do the repair since the problem will reoccur.

get a small screwdriver or pointy object and press in the tabs from below the touch pad. Instructions come with the kit and quite easy
Posted Image

You get some splicing thingamadoodles with the kit..(red things in the following picture) per instructions ..simple, just clamp the watchimacallits on designated wires and ta da!. .Bob's your uncle! Then strut around the kitchen shouting "yoo hoo! "Who's yo daddy?" "How ya like me now", 'I be da man!" .."dont taze me bro!" or simply say them to yourself while asking for the check.

click on picture
Posted Image

Here's the part link to the heater kit ==> http://www.repaircli...9X10173/1381601

Here are the instamallation destructions that come with the heater kit ==> http://appliantology...ezing-ref10-07/

And here be some additional tips on this repair by Sublime Master Santa ==> http://appliantology...e-refrigerator/

Source: GE sxs PSC23MGNACC no water at dispenser


How to remove the dispenser on the newer model LG refrigerators

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Refrigerator Repair, Dispenser Repair 02 April 2012 · 2,989 views
LG, refrigerator, dispenser and 1 more...
Example model number: LMX25981ST

Grab your flavorite fermented beverage and sit at the feet of the Academy's LG sensei:

Per LG training...

Explain to the customer that---removing the DISPENSER ASSY *will* sound as if you (the servicer) are rough/unprofessional.

When removing the entire Housing---loud snapping sounds are produced.

This is normal.

1) Slide forward and remove the drain tray (place finger(s) at the back/rear and squeeze locking tab)

2) Grasp the bottom of the DISPENSER HOUSING and firmly pull towards you (plastic straining noise will occur)

3) Working from the bottom---move to the lower edges and continue pulling/unsnapping the Housing Assy.

4) Since the DISPLAY is situated on the left side of the Housing---all wire connectors are on the left side.

5) Re-installing is much easier than removing. Apply effort to be certain that the Housing is fully snapped in place.

NOTE: Again---per LG---it is NOT uncommon for one or two plastic *tabs* to break when removing the Housing.

This was designed to still adequately be installed---minus a locking/snap tab or two.

Explaining this to your customer will eliminate their concerns---and you'll be a thought of as a professional because you

took the time to explain all of this to your cusomer *before* starting your repair work.

Not much different than having a doctor that tells a patient bluntly:

"Yes, this needle *will* hurt,but the medicine that I'm injecting is the cure for what ails you".

Buy parts for your LG refrigerator here with a 365-day return policy ==> http://www.repaircli...rigerator-Parts

Source: LG LMX25981ST refrigerator -- man'l req and disp. problems.


How to fix a GE or Hotpoint SxS refrigerator water dispenser with a frozen water tube

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dispenser Repair, Refrigerator Repair 23 August 2011 · 2,271 views

There is a heater kit "bandaid" fix available from GE to dress this issue...and yes it is freezing in the door, most likely right behind the cradle in the small recessed area.
you can use a hairdryer to warm this area and thaw it or I use a zoom spout oil bottle filled with hot water...the tube off the bottle is the perfect size to push down the dispenser tube and flush out the ice plug...reg will be along directly to link you the fix kit, I am sure...

No Water from the Dispenser on a GE Refrigerator

Source: Hotpoint SxS fridge, M# HSS22IFPACC


How to fix an ice dispenser door that doesn't close all the way on a Whirlpool-Kenmore SxS refrigerator

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dispenser Repair, Refrigerator Repair 13 August 2011 · 3,648 views

on this cover, there should be two little slots at the bottom of the panel.... ( ya gotta get down on the knees and look up at the bottom of the panel )

Posted Image
...I use a mini-pry bar,....when you pry on the panel, it will pop off at the tabs on the inner frame......
I did not know if this fix-it kit mentioned by K-dog........fixed this one last week....

Posted Image
..hinge pivot point broken off..

Posted Image

Posted Image
....made this part out of a 1/4 inch 'P' clamp from a copper water line
Posted Image
took a few file swipes to get the correct dimensions...

Posted Image
almost as good as new..... darn picture alignment

Source: Kenmore Whirlpool SxS ice dispenser icing up 106.58562890

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