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Dryer gets hot but takes forever to dry your clothes? Watch this Samurai Screencast to learn why!

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dryer Repair, Screencasts 05 April 2012 · 3,470 views
dryer, vent, venting, fire and 2 more...
I get this complaint about every day, "My dryer gets hot but doesn't dry the clothes." Or, "My dryer doesn't seem to get as hot as it used to and the clothes don't get completely dry." Watch this inspiring and illuminating Samurai Screencast™ to learn why this is happening and how to fix it!


$400 to fix a GE dryer with a loose drum and making scraping sound? Is this is ripoff?

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dryer Repair 18 March 2012 · 1,913 views
GE, Dryer, Scraping, Drum
Depends on how long you kept running it after you heard it making those "Sumpin' ain't raht" noises. Master sh2sh2 explains:

If you open the door is there sharp metal at the top of the opening, if so the 400 dollar estimate is correct.

What happens is the slides wear away and start making noise and if you dont fix it right away the drum wears through the plastic bearing holder and starts making more noise, then if you dont fix it then the drum starts eating through the metal of the front panal.

I have actually seen people not call for service untill the drum starts wearing a hole into the door itself and eventualy jams the drum so the dryer finaly stops working. By that time its too late to save.

Buy parts for your GE dryer here ==> http://www.repaircli.../GE-Dryer-Parts

Source: GE Dryer DBVH512EF0WW drum appears loose and making scraping sound


Troubleshooting tip for fixing an Amana NED7200TW (Samsung-built) electric dryer that's not heating

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dryer Repair 16 March 2012 · 5,592 views
Amana, dryer, Samsung, no heat and 1 more...
Being a Samsung-built dryer, this one can throw you a curve ball if you're not used to thinking like a Korean. Fortunately, Doctor John is fluent in Korean Dryerese and sets us on the right track:

A SAMSUNG-built dryer.

The temperature THERMISTOR should show 10,000 ohms at 77F

If not---replace it.

In nearly all cases where the THERMISTOR has failed---the *coating* on it has become damaged and the tiny copper winding has a green color (corrosion). This is especially common in areas near a salt-water environment (beach/shore).

See image: http://www.repaircli...200tw-%3d%3dc61

Also inspect the TERMINAL BLOCK (where plug is attached to dryer) for loose/burnt connection(s).

Here's the part link for the thermistor ==> http://www.repaircli...ber=NED7200TW10

Posted Image

And, for reference and enrichment, here's the schematic for this dryer:

Posted ImageClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Source: Amana NED7200TW Dryer no heat, problem with cycling thermostat?


How Electric Dryers Work

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Repair Videos, Dryer Repair 18 February 2012 · 1,395 views
dryer, dryers, electric

To learn more about your dryer, or to order parts, click here.

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