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Appliantology Newsletter: Get the Apprentice Advantage!

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Appliantology Newsletter 30 July 2012 · 1,400 views
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Appliantology Newsletter
Get the Apprentice Advantage!
July 30, 2012
Presents another award-winning issue of...

It's All You Can Eat... FREE!
In our continuing efforts to enhance your experience in getting the expert appliantological wisdom you need to repair your appliances, we have made some improvements to the Appliantology Academy.

With over 200,000 posts in the Appliantology repair forums, a quick search using the box in the upper right-hand corner of this page or using the Super Site Search box may reveal all the help you need for your specific appliance problem. Any guest or registered Grasshopper can access all of the posts in the Kitchen and Laundry forums absolutely free of charge.

That's a great deal. But you need to know that there is a LOT more help available to you at the Academy if you need or want it.
To Unleash the Full Power of the Academy, Become an Apprentice
Here are the awesome advantages you receive as an Apprentice Appliantologist:

- POSTING PRIVILEGES: You can start, edit, or reply to posts. Start a topic with your particular appliance repair question, and receive personal, interactive help from the team of talented Master Appliantologists. They will step you through your repair from start to finish with troubleshooting instructions, diagrams, photos, videos, insider tips, or whatever it takes to help you get the job done. BAM!

- LIVE CHAT WITH THE MASTERS: Got a quick question or need help fast? Head on over to the Appliantology Chat Room and ask one of the Appliantology Masters... LIVE! If one of the Masters is in there, go ahead and ask. We're here to help!

- SERVICE MANUALS: Having access to the service manual for your appliance is another powerful information tool that may be a crucial help in completing your repair. You can get manuals either in the Downloads section of this site or, if you're not finding the manual you need there, just ask us in the Appliance Service Manual Request Forum and we'll git it to you taco-pronto!

- ALL-FORUM ACCESS: Move beyond your kitchen and laundry appliances and participate in the many other forums at the Academy, such as Small Appliances, HVAC, Water Heaters, and more!

- PRIVATE MESSAGING: Communication with the Masters becomes much easier with the addition of private messaging to your toolkit!

All of this Appliantological power at your fingertips, for as little as $10.
Go Ahead and Take the Next Step!
STEP 1: REGISTER AS A GRASSHOPPER (free) ==> CLICK HERE (If you've already registered, make sure you're logged in-- look for your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.)


FAQs About the Appliantology Academy Apprenticeship Program
Q: Why should I pay to get help at your site instead of just going to another site that's free?

A: Generally in life, you get what you pay for and that goes for the quality of help you get. And remember, the help you get at the Appliantology Academy isn't limited to the just forum replies-- you get service manuals and live chat access, too. At the Appliantology Academy, you'll get priority attention from an elite corps of hand-picked, internationally-renowned Master Appliantologists together with the service manuals and technical bulletins you need to get it fixed right and fixed right away!

Q: Why are the subscription fees so low?

A: Thanks for asking! We're not trying to make a profit off the subscriptions, we're just trying to cover our costs which include web hosting, bandwidth, and software licensing fees and also the time it takes to actually run and maintain the site-- time I could be spending earning money running my local service call business.

Q: Most websites today have Google ads on them, but I didn't see any at the Appliantology Academy. Why not?

A: Thanks for noticing! I don't run Google Ads at the Appliantology Academy because I value a neat, clear and uncluttered user experience over the few extra shekels that I could make by junking up the site with them. I think Google ads make a site look junky and cheesy. I don't run them at my blog, Fixitnow.com, either for the same reason.

Q: You're just charging money because you're greedy.

A: Well, that's not a question, it's actually a Marxist accusation, the implication being that money somehow defiles an otherwise "pure and pristine" association. The sad reality is that it takes money to do anything worthwhile. Perhaps the cruelest irony of all, even building a Marxist temple or running Obama's re-election campaign require money. Where's the justice in that? No justice, no peas!

The time and resources I spend running the Appliantology Academy could be spent doing paying service calls in my local area and earning money for things like food, medical bills, mortgage payment, power bills, etc., not to mention the confiscatory taxes we're all forced to pay at the local, state, and federal levels. So, if it makes you feel better, think of your subscription fees as helping to pay for Obama Care (if you're a Democrat) or to help pay for more foreign wars and corporate welfare (if you're a Republican).

But, because we feel your pain, we do offer a special tool to help you build up your shekels and buy an Apprenticeship subscription.
See you in the Academy!

Domo for reading and Sayanara!

Samurai Appliance Repair Man, www.Appliantology.org


How to fix a Maytag / Amana Top-Loading washer that makes a machine gun noise during spin

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Washing Machine Repair 22 July 2012 · 2,089 views
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Professor Willie explains:

A very easy repair, just one bolt holds pulley and helix in place,remove belt from transmission pulley, remove bolt, remove old helix and pulley and reinstall new helix and pulley, (put a little silicone lube on new helix and pulley mating surfaces).

Here are the parts you need:

The Helix ==> http://www.repaircli...mber=SAV5710AWW

Posted Image

And the pulley ==> http://www.repaircli...mber=SAV5710AWW

Posted Image

Source: Maytag SAV5710AWW noise


Dragonfly Theatre on Mt. Ascutney

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Hillstomping Update 21 July 2012 · 1,110 views
Mt. Ascutney

Check out the dragonflies swarming at Gus's Lookout on Mt. Ascutney as they snatch mosquitoes mercilessly from the sky keeping the trails safe for hikers.



How to Fix a Dead GE Advantium Microwave

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Microwave Oven 14 July 2012 · 4,684 views
GE, microwave, advantium and 3 more...
A fantastic tech post from Brother in The Craft, binthere222:

In my case, I have found the easy solution to the numerous "Dead Advantium" posts I have seen. This seems to occur with amazing frequency, when power is available, but nothing comes on at all. GE sure doesn't make it cheap to fix and it seems that ALOT of excess work is done when all it takes is the replacement of one little item.

It was an easy fix to remove the control panel and then the Thermal cutout fuse shown. Once replaced, All the lights came on and it started to work again, No problem.

The Thermal Cutout Fuse is heated by air exhausted from the cooking chamber of the oven. If there is a food fire or other other overheat condition, this fuse is supposed to temporarily open, Thereby bringing all operation of the oven to a DEAD STOP. Emphasis on the DEAD, i.e. electrically dead. Problem is, these little fuses are poorly designed/constructed such that they will remain open when they are supposed to close as the oven cools off.


1. There are two screws pointed straight down above the upper grill. Remove those with a phillips screwdriver, then pull the grill off.
2, One stainless screw is now revealed above the center of the control panel. Remove it and then slide the panel up 1/2 inch by pushing/tapping up from the bottom of the control panel then lift it out.
3. There will be less stress on both you and the equipment if you just remove all wiring harness plugs from the rear of the control panel.
4. You will then be able to see the offending cutoff fuse secured by one screw to the floor of the controls cabinet just behind where the control panel sits. Test across the two terminals. If you get no continuity or anything more than ZERO ohms, then replace the part because it is not providing a closed circuit EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO HEAT CONDITION PRESENT.
5. Remove the two white plastic insulated spade plug connectors, then the one screw and lift the part out.

This Shows the General Location of the Fuse at the bottom center after the control panel is removed

Posted Image

This shows a closer view of the Fuse

Posted Image

This is a view of the aluminum bottom of the fuse

Posted Image

When the fusebottom is removed the mechanism is revealed.

Posted Image

The small purple stick is made of a ceramic or plastic which expands slightly when heated. One end of the stick touches the aluminum, the other end pushes against a flexible brass strip (at the small dimple in the center). This causes two contact points to separate, thereby opening the circuit. The contact points appear to be oxidized from the presence of heat, DUH !!! and dampness from cooking food.

You can buy the replacement thermal cutoff fuse here ==> http://www.repaircli...21X10046/769674

To learn more about your microwave or to order parts, click here.

Source: Dead GE Advantium Microwave Solution, Thermal Cutoff Fuse


Appliantology Newsletter: Home on the Range

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Appliantology Newsletter 08 July 2012 · 818 views
range, appliantology


Appliantology Newsletter
Home on the Range
July 8, 2012
Electric Range Tips
An electric range has two main working parts: the stove or cooktop elements and the oven elements.  The most common problem with stove elements is the receptacles get sloppy and stop making good, tight electrical contact with the element resulting in poor heating.  The most common (and simplest) problem with the oven is that the bake or broil element self-destructs, sometimes in spectacular fashion.  In this issue of Appliantology, ol' Samurai's gonna show you how to whup up on both of these common and easily-repairable problems.  
Putting the Heat Back into Your Stove Burners
Replacing an Oven Bake or Broil Element Safely
And Remember...
I'm always uploading new videos to my YouTube channel from my various appliance service calls as The Appliance Guru.  You can keep up with 'em by subscribing to Samurai's YouTube Channel.
You can find whatever appliance part you need through the parts search box at Fixitnow.com or Appliantology.org.  No harm in buying and trying with our 365-day, no-hassle return policy, even on electrical parts that were installed!
Subscribe to the Appliantology Newsletter.
Samurai Appliance Repair Man, www.Fixitnow.com

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