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5 Tips for Success in Your Online Appliance Repair Training Program

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliance Repair Training 21 February 2015 · 324 views
appliance training and 1 more...
Online training courses have become a huge benefit to adult learners by bringing a vast array of opportunities within reach of learners in every field imaginable — all you need is access to a computer, some time, and the determination to succeed in your chosen topic.

Like every other endeavor in life, success in your online training program depends as much on what you put into it as in the coursework itself. Even the best-designed, most comprehensive online program is only as good as the effort and commitment each student applies to making the most of the experience.

If you are considering or possibly already made the commitment to pursue online schooling, here are a few tips to help guide you through the process. Even if you are considering a career outside of appliance repair training, these tips for online courses are applicable in any industry. Read More: http://mastersamurai...aining-program/

Fun Times at ASTI 2015 in New Orleans

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliance Repair Training, Samurai Incarnate 13 February 2015 · 546 views
ASTI, New Orleans
Just got back from the best-ever ASTI in New Orleans. Reconnected with old friends, made new ones, met many of my Appliantology brethren and several of my Samurai Tech Academy students in person.

Not being a city person myself, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed New Orleans-- fantastic food and lots of fun in the French Quarter. For example, here's a plate of the best soul food you'll ever eat at a place called Mother's:

Posted Image

Pictured above is
Blackened Ham
Red beans and rice
Turnip greens with ham chunks
Grits with butter
All slathered with Tobasco

The food is spectacular and often exotic in New Orleans, so much so that sometimes people don't know what to think. Here, yours truly and a long-time Brethren in The Craft are helping Baby Sensei broaden his horizon and try some shrimp jambalaya:

Posted Image

But to truly enjoy a fine plate of New Orleans cuisine, you need to pair it with the proper selection of beer. But not just any beer, only Abita beer will do!

Posted Image

After enjoying a fine meal with the perfect local brew, then it's a good time to go catch a parade. Here's Applianceman97 (aka, Baby Sensei) and Mrs. Applianceman97 sporting their parade bling:

Posted Image

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Samurai shows off her parade bling, too:

Posted Image

And, of course, we had to do the obligatory, but short, walk down Bourbon Street:

Posted Image

Here's what the streets look like after the parades are over, around 12:30am:

Posted Image

As trashed as the streets were, they were sparkling spotless the next day. How does that happen? An army of street cleaners with machine, hoses, rakes, and a sea of humanity swarms the streets and cleans it up. It was even more amazing than the parades themselves! Watch:

Samurai Tech Academy Certification: A Standard of Excellence

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliance Repair Training 28 January 2015 · 365 views
certification, training
Posted Image

Being a “Certified Appliance Repair Technician” sounds impressive and can open doors with employers and customers. But when people look into where your certification came from, will it pass scrutiny? Read on as we explain how to evaluate the merit of Samurai Tech Academy certification: http://mastersamurai...ard-excellence/

How Much Does Appliance Tech Training Cost?

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliance Repair Training 28 January 2015 · 452 views
training, appliance repair
Posted Image

Appliance repair training courses: how much should they cost? Is that even the right question? You got questions, we got answers - http://mastersamurai...-training-cost/

Three Easy Fixes for Bosch-Thermador Dishwashers that Won't Drain

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Dishwasher Repair 19 January 2015 · 496 views
dishwasher, drain, bosch and 1 more...
Brother Dan in Kansas calls the dance steps on this little ditty:

No drain BSH dishwashers:

1) Is the filter screen at the bottom clean? One BSH trainer told me he cleans his once a week. I know exactly none of my customers are cleaning theirs that often. One of the most common slow drain/no drain problems is hard water/detergent build up on the screens.

2) If the filters at the bottom are clean and passing water easily, then take those out. Is the little cover still over the drain pump? If it's not the drain pump just cavitates the water. If it is still there, get a torx screw driver and an 11" cable tie. Take the cover off, and plunge the cable tie behind the drain pump (towards the rear wall of the unit.) Fun stuff should bubble up.

3) While you're on your knees open the cabinet and make sure the dishwasher's drain hose is, at some point, higher than the point it drains to.

These three things fix the vast majority of my no drain BSH dishwasher problems. If all these are taken care of then we can start looking at more exotic ideas.

Source: Thermador DW won't drain DWHD630GCM/60

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