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Tips for removing and replacing the electronic control unit in a Thermador RDF30 Range

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 17 December 2011 · 2,026 views

Removing control unit or display on Thermador RDF30...instructions say to remove the maintop; this is a pain and NOT necessary.
1. Remove the 4 screws under the top front panel and slide the front outer panel assembly (trim panels with end caps) down and toward the front to remove (there's a pressure spring (hold down clip) which makes this difficult);
2. Carefully rotate the glass panel up and away over the buttons, taking care not to break panel or buttons;
3. Remove screws from metal control mounting plate/panel;
4. This is the hard part: pull/rotate/cajole metal panel out from under the maintop. It's a tight fit between the burner valve stems and the maintop -- I used a nylon blade putty knife between the maintop and the panel to coax it out. After that it's easy: mark your connections and remove display.

TO MAKE THE REINSTALL EASIER (POSSIBLE) I used aviator snips to enlarge the holes for the burner stems in the metal control plate/panel (made them "taller"), and bent the top panel ("control cover") up a bit so it won't hang on the spark switch connections on the burner valves. Poor design IMO. But this method beats breaking your venturis by trying to take off the maintop.

To order parts for your Thermador range, click here.

Source: Removing/replacing control unit Thermador RDF30

Solar-Powered Snowblower Service call on Mt. Cardigan

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Snowblower Repair, Samurai Incarnate 16 December 2011 · 2,237 views

Posted Image
"Can you fly, Bobby?" by Zenzoidman, on Flickr

Got called out to Mt. Cardigan for a service call on a solar-powered snowblower. Oh yeah, you betcha: the Samurai stays on the bleeding edge of technology and is experienced in repairing solar-powered appliances, too. Appliantology.org: The Samurai Appliance Repair Academy -- your one stop for ALL your appliance repair needs.

Posted Image
Wrong Address? by Zenzoidman, on Flickr

I thought this was the place but it's all boarded up. My GPS musta given me bum directions. The search for the service call destination continues. There's an appliance in need out here! :argh:

Posted Image
High Mountain Service Call by Zenzoidman, on Flickr

Finally found the place. There's no place too remote for the Samurai to go on a service call! Even if you live on top of a mountain in a dumpy cabin, the Samurai can fix your broken appliances! :pain30:

Posted Image
Contemplative Oz by Zenzoidman, on Flickr

When we finally got that snowblower fixed, it was getting late for the hike down. The Samurai's semper fi canine apprentice, The Oz Man, led the way! :spacecraft:

For snowblower parts and free repair help, click here.

Appliantology Newsletter, December 2011: Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Some Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 15 December 2011 · 903 views

Appliantology Newsletter, December 2011: Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Some Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

1. Ultimate Appliance Gift Ideas
2. Snowblower Repair
3. Recent Appliance Repair Tips at Fixitnow.com
4. Share the Love!

### ### ### ###

1. Ultimate Appliance Gift Ideas

Panicking over last-minute holiday shopping? Never fear! We've got ideas for ya. Of course, one of the best gifts would be to finally repair that nagging problem on your [fill in troublemaking appliance here], and you know where to go for help on that! Otherwise, read this article for all kinds of other great ideas for doodads and gadgets to make your home run a little more smoothly ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6707

### ### ### ###

2. Snowblower Repair

Yes, the Samurai can help you fix your snowblowing appliance, too! You can get parts for all major snowblower brands through the SmartSearch parts search box at any of my sites: Fixitnow.com, Appliantology.org, and Applianceguru.com. Just enter your snowblower model number in the SmartSearch box at the top of the page and you'll find any part you need as well as dozens and dozens of DIY snowblower repair videos.

As with kitchen and laundry appliances, the first step in snowblower repair is getting the full and correct model number; this video shows you where to find it on any brand of snowblower ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6693

### ### ### ###

3. Recent Appliance Repair Tips at Fixitnow.com

In case you missed 'em, here are just a few of the most recent appliance repair tips I've posted at Fixitnow.com:

How to Test the High-Voltage Rectifier in a Microwave Oven ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6703

How To Remove A Stuck Agitator From A Washing Machine… Without Getting Agitated ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6696

How To Test A Dryer Cycling Thermostat ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6688

How To Test The Bake Or Broil Element In An Electric Oven To See If It's Good Or Not ==> http://fixitnow.com/?p=6531

If you need more detailed help fixing your broken appliance, come see us at the Samurai Appliance Repair Academy where you'll get free, interactive repair help from yours truly and his brethren in The Craft, world-renowned Master Appliantologists ==> http://www.appliantology.org/

### ### ### ###

4. Share the Love!

Right now, you may be racking your brain trying to figure out what to give the Samurai for Christmas. The greatest present you can give me is your presence at my sites! Beyond that, all the Samurai wants for Christmas is to help even more Grasshoppers fix their broken appliances. And you can help...

If our DIY appliance repair sites and information have been helpful to you or you like what we do and how we're doin' it, you could really help us out by telling your friends about us. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or just send 'em an email-- I would be personally grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word!

Our Facebook Page ==> http://facebook.com/fixitnowsamurai

Our Twitter Page ==> http://twitter.com/fixitnowsamurai

It is my sincere hope and prayer that you have a blessed and joyous holiday season this year, however you celebrate it. May the New Year find our hearts filled with joy and gratitude for each and every person in our lives, knowing that every person in our lives is sent to us by the Great Samurai. Let us be grateful for the relationships in our lives, forgiving those who've wronged us and asking forgiveness of those whom we've wronged. Now, may the Great Samurai who watches over us all keep our families safe and together this holiday season!

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

The Samurai Appliance Repair Academy

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How to replace the glass cooktop in a Frigidaire / Electrolux range

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 15 December 2011 · 3,565 views

If your are going to replace a broken glass top with 5 elements, this might help.....
Posted Image
Pull the unit out so you can get to the front and the sides without being a contortionist and more room to lay the two tops side by side.... Remove the two screws holding the white panels ( left and right sides) ,

Posted Image
lean panel towards the door, the lowest fastener has a slot to hold in place

Posted Image
, Remove the panel below the cooktop, four screws on each side

Posted Image
, There is a screw , black, on the front of the oven opening.. remove the screws left/right sides .

Posted Image
.... Remove the screws at the clip, two legs visible,.......Get a mirror and look at each end, up in a small opening the is a screw, remove two..left/right sides..... then the two screws near the oven opening and the lower panel will fall down... Then using the mirror again look up at the front edge near the control panel, remove the four screws .....on the left/ right sides you will see the screws holding the rear part of the cooktop , remove them..

Posted Image
..disconnect the wire harness

Posted Image
....lift the cooktop and push/pull the harnessout of the opening, then remove the cooktop.......

Posted Image
..lay it upside down on a padded surface, lay the new one next to it

Posted Image
...lift all of the mounting brackets.. Mark the locations of the /straps on the base of the elements....I forgot to take a picture of the removal of the 'straps'....Insert a small bladed screw driver in between the strap and the bracket, pry down on the strap side till the bracket will slip over the strap, carefull, the strap is still under pressure. Now I know you are wondering " how am I going to lift all five elements with out breaking any-thing "??? Just go out to your service van and get a piece of ply wood ( more on your unusual wood products later )..

Posted Image
..Stack the element onto the wood , transfer to the new cooktop and install into the correct locations.. Use the previous marks to align the strap locations..Use the same screw driver to reinstall the straps... ( picture here ))...Just push the bracket over the strap and remove the tool... Lay the new cook top onto the range, re install the wire harness, connect them... Install the two cook top screws left/right sides... ( about 5 pictures ago to view )...Just lay the front gasket ( for the keypad ) on to the keypad untill you start to reassemble... Install the four fasteners across the front , near the keypad,.. to hold the cooktop in place,..................... position the gasket loosely and then tighten the four fasteners more, If you tight them just right the gasket will stay in place to finish tightening the fasteners..... Now just re install all of the parts in the reverse order ..................Hope fully everything should go as planed..................

To learn more about your range/oven/stove or to order parts, click here.

Source: Glass cooktop replacement Frigidaire EW30ES65GWB

Ultimate Appliance Gift Ideas

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in General Appliance Repair Wisdom 14 December 2011 · 1,852 views

The Samurai has scoured both the Innernet AND the Outernet rounding up those perfect Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus gift ideas for that special Fixer Dude or Dudette in your life.  Click the photos for more info or to purchase.


Stay warm AND safe with this Pocket Air Check combustible gas leak detector. Works with Natural and LP gas.


Multimeter.  The indispensable tool for every DIYer.  Specs: Volts AC 750 , Volts DC 1000, Amps AC 10, Resistance max. (Ohms) 2M, Continuity, Temperature -4 °F to 2498° F, Display (Counts) 2,000, Operating Temperature 32° F to 74° F (0°C to 23°C), Fuse Protection mA: 0.2A/ 250V, Power 9 V Battery (included), Size 5.5"L x 3"W x 1.5". Temp probe included.

Multimeter - Part # 964740 Mfg Part # DM10T


Non-contact A/C voltage detector. Test for voltage without touching any bare wires. This detector works by sensing voltage through the wire's insulation. Detector has an audible beeper and visible flashing light indicator.

Voltage Tester - Part # 1255942 Mfg Part # 1000100009


3 in 1 tool for splicing wires. Has wire strippers for stripping off insulation from the wire. Crimpers for crimping solderless connectors and bolt cutters for cutting small bolts. High quality.

Wire Splicing Tool - Part # 967613 Mfg Part # 1002


240 Volt 240 Volt outlet checkers for checking the outlets on electric ranges and dryers.

Tool - Part # 1176379 Mfg Part # 4396932


Dryer Vent Tester for testing the backpressure on a dryer vent.  Excessive backpressure is the single most common cause of overly long dryer times, repeatedly blowing thermal fuses and poor dryer performance.  A vent can be free of lint and still be bad!  Use this spiffy tool to check your dryer vent.  A must-have if you're a pro in the trade.

Tool - Part # 1447456 Mfg Part # W10106710


Microwave leakage detector.

Microwave Test Kit - Part # 1668485 Mfg Part # A138


Refrigerator and freezer thermometer, temps from -20 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermometer face has special markings to show where food is safe and where it is at risk of spoilage.

Thermometer - Part # 903650 Mfg Part # 8171720


The Kill-A-Watt Energy Usage Meter. This plug-in meter allows you to track total power consumption by hour, day, week, month, or year. Also displays Voltage (V), Line Frequency (Hz), and Power Factor (PF). 15 amp maximum. No batteries required. Accepts standard 110 volt plugs, 2 or 3 prong.

Energy Usage Meter - Part # 1012487 Mfg Part # P4400


Freezer alarm, sounds if freezer temperature goes above 15 degrees.  Never lose expensive frozen foods again!

Freezer Alarm - Part # 786349 Mfg Part # 8171458


Gasohol tester.  Used to test the alcohol content in the fuel.

Gasohol Tester - Part # 1611245 Mfg Part # 795161


Polder 3 function thermometer: large LCD read out displays the temperature of food during cooking. Presettable HI/LOW and inside the range temperature alert. Timer: 24 hour count down and count-up. Clock: Real-time clock. Stainless steel probe. Temperature chart and battery included.

Digital Meat Thermometer - Part # 905158 Mfg Part # 601-90


Glide n Guard floor protector for appliance moving.

Floor Protectors for Moving Appliance - Part # 12914 Mfg Part # 93001


Affresh HE Washer Cleaner Pack - Use once a month to keep your HE (high efficiency) washer clean and odor-free! 3 Power Puck tablets and 4 Grit Grabber cloths per box.

Cleaner Kit - Part # 1914804 Mfg Part # W10306172


Affresh Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner - 6 Tablets.

Dishwasher and Disposer Cleaner - Part # 1552531 Mfg Part # W10282479


Glisten dishwasher cleaner

Dishwasher Cleaner - Part # 1915432 Mfg Part # 5304482929


Refrigerator and freezer condenser coil cleaning brush with instructions. Also works great for dryer lint.

Long Handled Bristle Brush - Part # 12859 Mfg Part # 5303318693


Solid-surface range element cleaner (Sponge no longer included).

Solid Surface Element Cleaner - Part # 12830 Mfg Part # 5303310267


Vacuum cleaner attachment for condenser and dryer cleaning - This long vacuum cleaner attachment will help to clean dust and lint build-up in and around your refrigerator condenser coils underneath the refrigerator and dryer lint in the area where the lint filter is inserted. Fits 1-1/4 inch vacuum hose.

Vacuum Hose Attachment - Part # 1544893 Mfg Part # 8171579A


Dryer vent cleaning brush. For 4" diameter round ducts. 20 feet long.

20 Foot Vent Cleaning Brush - Part # 424663 Mfg Part # 18001034


Complete Ceramic Cooktop Care Kit - contains a 10 ounce Cooktop Cleaner to clean and polish all glass or ceramic cooktops. A 4 ounce bottle of Cooktop Protectant. Six small cooktop cleaning pads and one larger Cooktop Protectant applicator.

Glass Cooktop Cleaner - Part # 959474 Mfg Part # 31605


Stainless steel cleaner.

Stainless Steel Cleaner - Part # 1542817 Mfg Part # 31462A


Gas grate cleaner.

Grate Cleaner - Part # 496592 Mfg Part # 316119700


Rust remover - Removes rust stains from clothes, dishes, glassware, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, painted surfaces, concrete and water softeners. 16-ounce bottle.

Rust Remover - Part # 1550725 Mfg Part # W10278629


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