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Whirlpool Duet Sport - Kenmore washer leaving clothes sopping wet at the end of the cycle

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 22 September 2011 · 2,033 views
Whirlpool, Duet Sport, Kenmore and 1 more...
So your Whirlpool Duet Sport or (Kenmore equivalent) washer is leaving your clothes sopping wet at the end of the wash cycle? It seems to be tumbling the clothes okay and it pumps the water out but it never kicks into high speed spin. Sublime Master tronicsmasta has some inside scoop on the fix:

We have gotten tons of complains about it. The recommended fix by Whirlpool is replace the MCU if everything else checks ok.

Check These:
Drain hose not siphoning back into washer,
Inlet Valve for dripping overnight,
Level Unit,
Sorting of Clothing (bad sorting = jeans with t-shirts),
Load Size (About 2/3 full max),
HE detergent only (Tide, Gain, Cheer)

Part link ==> Motor Control Unit

Source: Whirlpool duet washer WFW9750WW01

A little water leaks out the door vent of a new GE dishwasher when the door is opened at the end of the cycle. Is it broken?

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Dishwasher Repair 22 September 2011 · 1,544 views

Nah. Normal operation in these gimpy, new energy-star dishwashers-- they skimp on the heat during the dry cycle so everything comes out wet. Sublime Master KurtiusInterruptus explains:

The vent snorkel on these exits at the bottom left side of the door and has a small area that will catch condensation until the dry fan can evaporate it away...if you open the door right after the cycle, this is the water that drips out on the floor...no fix I know off for this except to be aware of it and stand ready to wipe it up promptly...GE imagination,as master regus loves to say!

Source: Bought a new Dishwasher...PDWT100VWW

How to retrieve the error codes and enter diagnostic mode in a Whirlpool Duet Sport - Kenmore front load washer

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 22 September 2011 · 8,702 views

If your washer stops mid-wash or starts flashing an error code or won't start at all, the first thing you'll want to do is retrieve any error codes that may be stored in the control module. This can give you a clue on where to start hunting for the problem. Grand Master Reg has posted the procedure for entering service mode in your washer so you can read any stored error codes and run the built-in diagnostic program:

Starting Service History Mode & Diagnostic

NOTE: The washer must be empty and the control must be in the OFF state
before pressing the touch-pad sequence to start the test.
1. Close the door.
2. Select any one key (except STOP) and follow the steps below,
using the same key (remember the key):
Press/hold 4 seconds
➔ Release for 4 seconds
➔ Press/hold 4 seconds
➔ Release for 4 seconds
➔ Press/hold 4 seconds
3. Upon release, all console LED lights will turn on for 5 seconds.
4. If there are any failure codes, all cycle LED lights will flash
and the appropriate Status LEDs will turn on.
The Estimated Time Remaining display will display failure code (if available).
NOTES: This program recalls the most recent failure code first.
■ Press the same key to advance to the next failure code.
(If the console doesn’t change then the same failure code was stored multiple times.)
■ If there aren’t any more failure codes all the lights on the console will turn on for 5 seconds.
■ Next the washer begins the Diagnostic Test.
■ To cancel out of service mode press STOP.
(This exits you out of the program.)

Source: Kenmore Front Loader Flashing Lights Mod#110.46462501

How to retrieve the error codes in a Frigidaire Affinity front load washer

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 20 September 2011 · 11,618 views

If you're having a problem with your Frigidaire washer, such as it won't start, one of the first things you'll want to do is get any error codes that may be stored in the control board. This can help point you in the right direction for finding and fixing the problem. Grand Master Reg gives us the key dance for this little procedure:


1. Wake the washer by pressing any button.
2. Wait 5 seconds.
3. Press and HOLD the Start/Pause and Cancel buttons simultaneously.
As long as the buttons are held,
the failure code will appear in the display as an E followed by two numbers, a number and a letter or two letters.
The control will beep and the Door Lock, Wash, Rinse, and Final Spin indicator lights will flash

Source: Frigidare Affinity ATF7000EG0 won't start

The Willie Method ™ for testing the radiant (flame) sensor in a gas dryer burner

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Dryer Repair 19 September 2011 · 3,395 views
Willie, method, radiant, sensor and 1 more...
Gas dryer not firing up and all the components of the burner check out good but you're not sure how to check that flame sensor on the side of the burner tube? Samurai Appliance Repair Academy Fellow Budget Appliance Repair (a.k.a., Willie) reveals the wax on-wax off moves for testing the radiant sensor in a gas dryer.

The full way to bypass and test if the radiant sensor is the problem:
2) remove both wires from the radiant sensor
3) bypass the sensor by sliding the two connector terminals together and make sure they are away from everything
4) plug the dryer back in and set to a timer position that should heat.
5) start dryer and and watch for igniter to start glowing.
6) if the igniter glows wait about 10 to 12 seconds and pull the two wires apart carefully making sure not to touch the ends or short them to anything.
7) if all else is OK with the dryer the flame should light up when you separate the two radiant sensor wires
8) if the above all works OK and it didn't before then replacing the radiant sensor should fix your problem.

Here's the part link for the replacement radiant sensor ==> Flame Sensor

This video shows you how to replace it:

Source: Maytag gas dryer LDG9334AAE not heating--can I jump a Radiant Sensor?

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