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Easy way to calibrate the oven temperature in a Frigidaire range (works on many other brands, too)

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 29 December 2011 · 3,173 views

Posted Image
To Adjust Oven Temperature:
1. Check to be sure the Temperature control knob is in the OFF position .
2. Pull Temperature control knob straight off the shaft.
3. On the back of the knob, there is a series of 5 small grooves.
One of these grooves is positioned next to a tiny pointer.
Note the position of the pointer.
Loosen the two screws on the back of the knob (Figure 1).
Note: If knob does not have 2 screws, it is not adjustable.
4. To increase or decrease the temperature, move the pointer in the direction of "Raise" or "Lower" to change the temperature accordingly.
The temperature can be adjusted in increments as indicated on the back of the knob.
5. When the desired adjustment is reached, tighten both screws.
6. To replace the knob, line up the flat sides of both the knob and the shaft.
Push the knob into place. DO NOT force the Temperature control knob onto the shaft or you may damage the back of the knob.
Note: Once an adjustment is made, the OFF position will vary from the reference mark on the backguard depending on the amount of adjustment.

To learn more about your range/oven/stove or to buy parts, click here.

Source: Frigidaire range M#FED300WCWJ overheating


A Warning from the Masters: Do not run oven Self-Clean cycle this close to a Holiday!

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 21 December 2011 · 776 views

It happens every year...

It's a day or two before a Major Holiday and the oven is looking a little crusty. So you decide to run the self-clean cycle. When you return to what you hoped would be a clean oven, you find a locked oven door and an error code on the display. Even if you can get a technician to your home before thanksgiving, it's likely he will not have the needed part. Your holiday dinner is now seriously screwed.

It is very common for a stove to fail during a clean cycle. The self-clean cycles generate interior temperatures in the range of 850 degrees F. That why the doors lock, if you were to open the door at 850 F, you would burn your eyebrows off. The clean cycle also uses parts and circuits that are seldom used. When you add the severe heat, you are subjecting the oven to the highest stresses it ever sees.

My rule is this..

If it is less than 2 weeks before a major holiday, do not use the clean cycle.

Tell your all friends.


You don't want to be microwaving Hotpockets for your holiday meal

Source: Do not run oven Self-Clean cycle this close to Holiday


Wiring Diagram for a Jenn-Air JMW9527CAB wall oven/microwave combo

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Microwave Oven, Oven-Range-Stove Repair 21 December 2011 · 2,904 views

click on picture
then lower right corner to SAVE or CLOSE
Posted Image

Source: Help! Jenn-Air JMW9527CAB wall oven/microwave combo will not heat


How to remove the top assembly on a Maytag model MER* electric range to replace the clock circuit board

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 19 December 2011 · 1,653 views

Maintop Assembly (Coil Element Models)
1. Turn power off.
2. Open oven door and remove screws securing maintop to oven chassis, located on the outside edges of the maintop.
3. Move the top assembly down, then slightly up and toward the front to unhook the back edge from the backguard.
4. Label and disconnect wire terminal plugs from the maintop assembly.
5. Lift maintop assembly from the oven chassis.
6. Reverse procedures to reinstall maintop assembly.

Part link for the clock circuit board, 365-day return policy ==> http://www.repaircli...1M75860/1515089

Source: Maytag range won't turn off/MER5552BAW


How to replace a broken inner door glass pane in a Whirlpool range

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 17 December 2011 · 1,252 views

To disassemble door - first remove the door from oven, open to first stop, the lift upward on door and pull bottom out. Set door down on a blanket etc, remove lower trim and outer glass/side trims and set aside - unscrew hinges from bottom lip and handle/vent. Remove inner reflector panel and insulation, now you can lift out the mid glass and frame to access the inner glass panel retainers.

Click on Pic:

Posted Image

Source: Whirlpool GJP84800 Oven will not work. Elements are hidden from view.

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