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How to replace the drain pump in an LG front load washer stacked laundry unit

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Washing Machine Repair 06 March 2012 · 2,182 views

LG washer drain pump OE
The need for this repair could be something obvious like the washer isn't draining (though other things can cause that, too, like a plugged drain hose) or something less obvious like an OE error code.

First step is to come git you a new drain pump with a 365-day return policy ratcheer ==> http://www.repaircli...EA2001D/1266821

Posted Image

The Academy's resident Professor of LG-ology, john63, tiptoes us thru these tulips...

Open door

Remove door gasket outer CLAMP and peel back GASKET into stainless steel tub

Remove lower left pump clean-out strainer COVER.

Remove a single phillips screw---and pull out the plastic HOUSING that is part of the pump clean-out strainer

Looking at the pump clean-out strainer (at floor level) you'll see 2 phillips screws above the strainer handle---remove both screws

Cut a section of 2x4 wood---approximately 5 to 6 inches length

Place the 2x4 wood block between the TUB and the FRONT COVER of the washer---this will give you additional space to access the DRAIN MOTOR---by keeping tub assy pushed rearward.

Reach down to the PUMP ASSY---using your finger---find the RELEASE TAB and depress it. This allows sliding the entire
PUMP ASSY to slide away and be turned by hand.

There are 3 screws which secure the DRAIN MOTOR to the pump housing---remove them and pull off the drain motor.

Re-install & test washer.

NOTE: One or two of the DRAIN MOTOR screws can be accessed from the *hole* where the STRAINER was located.

TIP: Wear PVC-coated work gloves

Source: LG Front Load WM2077CW, won't spin

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I did one of these awhile ago. I think I pulled the whole front assembly to do it.. Next time Ill do it your way. Save me some effort!
RussTech (and others reading this thread)

I only recommended this method of DRAIN MOTOR replacement for situations where the washer has a dryer stacked on top of the washer.

Replacing the DRAIN MOTOR through the door opening is actually more work---than performing the repair/replacement in the normal manner.

When a stacked laundry set is in a tight location---such as a closet---it's much easier than having to remove the dryer (especially if it's a GAS model).

In most cases---I also remove the LOWER counterweight from the tub with a 10mm socket & ratchet tool---for even more room/access to the drain pump/motor assy.
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Samurai Appliance Repair Man
Mar 08 2012 04:16 PM
Domo for that clarification, John. I've edited the title to make that more clear.

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