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Frigidaire Refrigerator Survival Kit

Posted by DurhamAppliance, in Durham's 2014 Blogs, Repair Tools and Topics 09 February 2014 · 1,792 views

Finding Frigidaire manuals is a bit different from other manufacturers.
The Style and manufacture date are more important than the model number.

Once you know the manufacture date for a fridge, simply pick the last manual produced before that date. If you don't know the date, you can always click here ,http://b2b.frigidair...ort/manuals.asp and download the owners manual for the model and you will see the manufacture date bottom right on the first page. You can also get wiring diagrams there as well.

Note that there is one manual that covers SxS manufactured 2007-2013 except there is a 2009 manual produced for the Iceman Version.

Currently there is only one manual for their French door bottom mount fridges and only one manual for the standard bottom mount. So if your customer says he has a bottom mount, you need to find out if it is a French door or not.

Right now There is one manual that covers topmounts since 2010

I am having some difficulty uploading dropbox files to the download section so until they are uploaded here, some of the files are from my dropbox account. Put these files on your tablet and you should never be without the proper manual.

PS Any additions or suggestions are welcomed!

The Frigidaire Refrigerator Survival kit (Current SxS and French Door models )

SxS 2007-2013 Service Manual # 5995501516 http://appliantology...sor-and-adc-ii/
SxS 2009 (Iceman) Service Manual # 5995536439 https://db.tt/5kbEixnW
SxS 2004 with Genesis Control # 5995413142 http://appliantology...nesis-controls/
SxS 2001 Next Gen Service Manual # 5995352423 https://www.dropbox....01 sxs.pdf?dl=1
SxS 1999 L5 Service Manual # 5995318606 http://appliantology...service-manual/
Frigidaire Refrigerator GE Built-in SxS E42BS85EPS E42BS75ETT http://appliantology...eps-e42bs75ett/

Flashing 4 Diagnostic Procedure for SxS with Controls Inside the Fresh Food Compartment https://www.dropbox....rtment.pdf?dl=1
Frigidaire beta control diagnostics http://appliantology...ol-diagnostics/

All Top mounts 2010 to date

All Frigidaire French Door Refrigerators 5995556437 https://www.dropbox...._20_11.pdf?dl=1 (this file is newer than the 2010 fdbm file in the dl section)

All Frigidaire Bottom Freezers 20 & 22 cu. ft 242289900 https://www.dropbox...._2drBF.pdf?dl=1

Frigidaire Convertible Freezer: https://www.dropbox....Manual.pdf?dl=0

Water valve troubleshooting guide..https://www.dropbox...._Cover.pdf?dl=1

Error code booklet for Frigidaire and electrolux https://www.dropbox....ooklet.pdf?dl=0

PS pt 2....if you have a finger evap style Icemaker issue, don't look at me... call brother BryanS. lol

PS pt3 Make sure to check this blog from time to time as I will continually update/modify this info

Thank you much Durham,  I was looking at my few Frigidaire manuals last night.  I added these to my collection.   The manual #5995352423 would not open, gave me a dropbox error 404.

Thanks! It's fixed now.

Excellent compilation of resources, Brother Durham!  Muy domos!  

what I need to add are the adc replacement instructions... Particularly the part where it decribes how to remove the puresource water filter assembly... that pesky hidden screw has caused me many hours of searching, bending, and squeezing in cold controls.. lol

Excellent compilation of resources, Brother Durham!  Muy domos!

I will be adding some updated diagnostic info and service pointers soon..
Added topmount manual for 2010 to present

Hi Durham, all the Dropbox files come up with error "Disabled Link"

I wonder what happened... Hmmm I will relink them
Dropbox is doing something with links having pdf files due to potential hyperlink vulnerabilities... From dropbox continue working hard to make sure your stuff is safe and keep you updated on any new developments. Update [5/6/14] — We’re aware of a second issue that’s been reported about shared links. This involves a user entering a shared link into a search engine and the search engine passing that link on to ad partners. This is well known and we don’t consider it a vulnerability. We urge everyone to be careful about providing shared links to third parties like search engines (read more in this help center article). Update [5/7/14] — A quick update on what we’re doing to get you back to your normal workflows. For now, shared links to file types that might contain a hyperlink (such as PDF or Word docs) created before May 5 remain deactivated. Over the coming days, our team will gradually begin re-enabling shared links that aren’t susceptible to the vulnerability. You can re-create your own links now by following these instructions. If you’d prefer to re-enable all disabled links — either because you know your files contain no sensitive info, or because you’re less concerned about the potential vulnerability we outlined above — we’ll be offering you this option in the next couple of days. Update [5/8/14] — We wanted to let you know that you now have the option to re-enable all your disabled links. Please keep in mind that re-enabling these links will reintroduce the vulnerability. If you don’t want to re-enable all your links at once, you can create new ones by following these instructions.
Remember that french door with the flex tray I was saying the tech sheet didn't have ice maker diagnostics? Well it does have it in the middle, but the procedure to enter ice maker diagnostic was incorrect. The tech sheet said to holdthe up and down on the options side for 10 seconds. This does in fact go into diagnostic, but not for the ice maker. You have to push up abovr the options button and + on the temp side. Bam! All the ice maker steps are there.

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