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Entries in April 2012
19 Apr Testing the ice maker in a KitchenAid refrigerator 0 Comments
16 Apr Lake Solitude Lookout 0 Comments
15 Apr Appliantology Newsletter: Making Refrigerator Water Safe 0 Comments
15 Apr LG ice maker test cycle, "Fill Key" 0 Comments
14 Apr Samsung washer OE error code 0 Comments
14 Apr How hot should the motor get in a Samsung washer? 0 Comments
14 Apr How to clear an error code in a Samsung washer display 0 Comments
14 Apr How to install the heater kit on the dispenser of a GE refrigerator to stop it from freezing water in the tube 0 Comments
13 Apr Troubleshooting a GE Harmony washer by entering Service Mode 0 Comments
13 Apr How to start a test harvest cycle in an LG icemaker 0 Comments
11 Apr How to measure dryer vent exhaust temperatures 0 Comments
11 Apr Refrigerator compressor motor-type abbreviations explained 0 Comments
11 Apr Locating the compressor model number on a Tecumseh compressor tag 0 Comments
08 Apr Maytag MAH8700AWW washer with a E2 error code: what does this code mean? 0 Comments
08 Apr What's going on with a dryer that overheats or runs too hot? 0 Comments
08 Apr Tip for removing the top panel and tub from the NEW versions of the Whirlpool Cabrio washers 0 Comments
05 Apr The DADoESTX Method for checking the agitator dogs in a Whirlpool direct-drive washer 1 Comments
05 Apr Shogun Hike up Mt. Cardigan with the Oz Man, April 3, 2012 0 Comments
05 Apr Dryer gets hot but takes forever to dry your clothes? Watch this Samurai Screencast to learn why! 0 Comments
05 Apr Premier gas range range conversion and pilot adjustment tutorials 0 Comments
04 Apr Why does an icemaker filltube keep freezing up and plugging? 0 Comments
04 Apr Why does a refrigerator sometimes freeze milk and water in the fresh food compartment? 2 Comments
04 Apr Why won't a front load washer drain even after the pump filter has been cleaned out? 0 Comments
03 Apr Removing the hub nut on a Maytag SAV2655AWW washer 0 Comments
02 Apr How to remove the dispenser on the newer model LG refrigerators 2 Comments
02 Apr How to fix a Whirlpool Duet washer with a binding door hinge 0 Comments
02 Apr Live action shot of the Samurai on the job! 0 Comments
02 Apr Appliantology Newsletter: Reefer Madness Issue! 0 Comments
02 Apr Screencast reply to a comment on our podcast episode, "Why do all new dishwashers suck?" 0 Comments
Entries in March 2012
31 Mar Another killa podcast: Untangling the Samurai's Websites 0 Comments
30 Mar How to remove the spray arm and riser tube on a Maytag dishwasher to clean out the gookus 0 Comments
30 Mar Posting Images at the Appliantology Academy from iPhone 2 Comments
29 Mar Why do all new dishwashers suck? 0 Comments
29 Mar Forgot the password to your account here at the Appliantology Academy? 2 Comments
28 Mar Replacing A Microwave Oven Touchpad 0 Comments
27 Mar Advanced Gallery Techniques 6 Comments
27 Mar How to Change Your Email Notification Settings Here at the Appliantology Academy 0 Comments
27 Mar Fixitnow.com Radio: The Whole Sick Social Web Trip 8 Comments
26 Mar How to fix hot refrigerator door gaskets 0 Comments
25 Mar Using GFCI outlets with refrigerated appliances 0 Comments
23 Mar Using the Gallery Section at the Appliantology Academy 1 Comments
23 Mar Advice for repairing a Whirlpool Cabrio washer that makes a loud noise during spin 0 Comments
21 Mar Some things to think about when considering purchasing a stacked laundry unit 1 Comments
20 Mar What are "Bonding Grounds?" What do they do? Why are they important? 0 Comments
20 Mar How to determine if the transmission is bad in a Kenmore-Frigidaire top loading washer 0 Comments
20 Mar Is it worth fixing a 20-year old Kenmore (Whirlpool) direct drive washer that won’t spin or pump out? 1 Comments
20 Mar Using Jing to Make Screen Shots and Post them at the Appliantology Forums 3 Comments
20 Mar Apprenticeships at the Appliantology Academy 0 Comments
18 Mar Understanding the run cycles and the operating sequence of the neutral drain in a Whirlpool / Kenmore direct-drive washer 0 Comments
18 Mar $400 to fix a GE dryer with a loose drum and making scraping sound? Is this is ripoff? 0 Comments

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