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Entries in February 2012
04 Feb Official Appliantology Service Call Mugs™ now available 11 Comments
02 Feb How to manually unlock a stuck door on a Whirlpool Duet HT front loading washer 0 Comments
Entries in January 2012
30 Jan How to fix a Maytag stack laundry unit with a 9E error on the dryer 3 Comments
30 Jan How to run diagnostics on the Whirlpool LHW0050PQ4 Eurotrash front loading washer 4 Comments
30 Jan How to fix an LG washer with a door that will not stay closed (which keeps the washer from running) 0 Comments
25 Jan Jumper Wires Used, and NOT used, in Appliance Repair 2 Comments
23 Jan "Mommy, where do new appliances come from?" 3 Comments
23 Jan Tips for troubleshooting a Samsung dishwasher with an HE (heating element) error 1 Comments
21 Jan The Hard Facts about Hard Water and Your Appliances 3 Comments
16 Jan How to properly replace the thermistors in a refrigerator: an illustrated and annotated guide 2 Comments
15 Jan Tool tips for removing the hub nut in the newer model LG / Kenmore top loading washers 0 Comments
15 Jan Tips for removing & reinstalling the hub nut in a GE top loading washer 0 Comments
13 Jan Look out Fukushima: here comes Magnetron Meltdown! 4 Comments
12 Jan Scrotum Scrubber Roundup 3 Comments
12 Jan Replacing an old furnace: some expert recommendations on equipment, brand, and contractor selection 1 Comments
12 Jan Tech Tip # VIII: Wood Tools 1 Comments
12 Jan How to replace a broken drum baffle in a Whirlpool / Kenmore dryer 0 Comments
11 Jan Tips for troubleshooting an F1 error code in a Dacor range 0 Comments
10 Jan Simple Solution for Poor Drying Complaints in Dryers With Moisture Sensors 1 Comments
08 Jan How to remove and reinstall the oven door on a Whirlpool range 0 Comments
06 Jan An inside look at the guts of a refrigerator compressor in action 0 Comments
06 Jan How to replace the motor in a Huebsch stackable coin op dryer 0 Comments
05 Jan How to troubleshoot flame sensor errors in a gas furnace 0 Comments
05 Jan How to fix a Subzero 550 that repeatedly freezes up the defrost condensate drain 0 Comments
05 Jan How to fix an F7-E1 error on Whirlpool Duet WFW9250WW washer 0 Comments
04 Jan How to fix an LG washer that won't pump out and throws an OE error code 0 Comments
04 Jan The consequences of using non-HE detergent in an LG washer 0 Comments
04 Jan Upgraded tub suspension rod kit for Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, and Maytag Bravo washers 0 Comments
03 Jan Whirlpool Vertical Modular Washer (VMW) Training Manual 0 Comments
03 Jan How to troubleshoot and diagnose the high voltage system in a microwave oven 4 Comments
03 Jan Red Neck Country Club on Otter Pond 0 Comments
02 Jan GE Top Control Dishwasher Recall and Installation Instructions for TCO Shield Kit 0 Comments
02 Jan Ohms Law Pie Chart 0 Comments
02 Jan Explanation and location of flapper check valve and the auxiliary drain pump in a GE Triton GSD dishwasher 0 Comments
02 Jan What part number analog pressure switch to use in which model numbers of Whirlpool Duet washers? 0 Comments
Entries in December 2011
31 Dec Happy New Year to all my friends, students, and fellow appliantologists! 1 Comments
30 Dec Some service call tips for Professional Appliantologists to avoid call-backs, insurance claims, and lawsuits (and keep happy customers) 0 Comments
29 Dec Normal gas burner operation sequence in a gas dryer 0 Comments
29 Dec How to remove the door and disassemble it to replace the door handle on a Maytag microwave oven 0 Comments
29 Dec Easy way to calibrate the oven temperature in a Frigidaire range (works on many other brands, too) 0 Comments
28 Dec How to get inside a Samsung front-loading washer to track down a leak 0 Comments
28 Dec Winter Wonderland Hike up the Ammonusuc Trail 2 Comments
24 Dec A Christmas Eve Service Call on Smarts Mountain 7 Comments
23 Dec How to enter diagnostic mode, decipher error codes & check the control board in a Whirlpool Vertical-Modular washer (VMW) 8 Comments
21 Dec How to test the power supply for the heater in an electric dryer for both L1 and L2 0 Comments
21 Dec A Warning from the Masters: Do not run oven Self-Clean cycle this close to a Holiday! 0 Comments
21 Dec Wiring Diagram for a Jenn-Air JMW9527CAB wall oven/microwave combo 0 Comments
21 Dec Fault codes for Amana and Goodman gas furnaces 0 Comments
21 Dec How to replace the washer drive belt in an oldie Frigidaire LC-248J top-loading washing machine 1 Comments
20 Dec Feliz Navidad from the Master Appliantologists at www.Appliantology.org! 4 Comments

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