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How to Troubleshoot Appliance Electronic Control Boards

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Appliance Repair Training, Screencasts 11 March 2015 · 859 views
electronic, schematic and 3 more...

A Master Samurai Tech Presentation:

Troubleshooting Appliance Electronic Control Boards

Learn from the Samurai and become a troubleshooting master!

Using a Whirlpool dishwasher as a case study, the Samurai explains each step in the process of troubleshooting electronic control boards in appliances, revealing the schematic mysteries to all who want to learn.
In this 38-minute video, you will learn:
  • Basic troubleshooting techniques with broad applications to all appliances
  • How to use tech sheets properly
  • How to get those control boards to talk to you
  • How to identify suspected problems using the schematic diagram
  • How to formulate a troubleshooting strategy based on schematic analysis
  • How to identify where to make electrical measurements
  • About triac-gated neutrals in AC loads with standing voltage
  • The difference between loading and non-loading voltage meters and when and why to use each
...and much more!

Click here to begin your journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment!

Here are a few tantalizing screenshots of the presentation...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Click here to begin your journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment!


Finding Your Appliance Repair Answers Here at Appliantology

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Repair Videos, Screencasts, Forum Tips, General Appliance Repair Wisdom 02 March 2013 · 968 views
You've got appliance repair questions, we've got answers. Hundreds of thousands of 'em on all brands and models of major appliances: washers, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, ice makers, ovens, ranges, and cooktops. They're all right here at the Samurai Appliance Repair Academy just waiting for you to discover them! Join Samurai Appliance Repair Man as he takes you by the hand and gently walks you through the powerful search features available to you here at the Academy to empower you to find the answers to your burning appliance repair questions.


Understanding the Adaptive Defrost Control in the new-style GE top-mount refrigerators

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Screencasts, Refrigerator Repair 03 May 2012 · 2,118 views
GE, TMNF, refrigerator, ADC
This little video explains the ADC system used in GE's newer top-mount refrigerators, the so-called "TMNF" line. Example model numbers are:

GTH/HTH 16 cuft
GTH/HTH 17 cuft

In the video, I explain I how this ADC works and how to put it into manual defrost mode. (Short answer: Press the fresh food door switch 3 times within 5 seconds and close the FF door when the control is not in defrost or dwell.)


How to find your old posts & topics (or someone else's) here at the Academy

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Screencasts, Appliantology Academy 01 May 2012 · 788 views

Your Name: glen

Your username in the Samurai School of Appliantology, if you have one: torchkeeper

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: maytag

Model Number: lse1000

Your Precious Words:
I `ve been availing myself of your site for a long time. Fixed everthing, now I come back and cannot find my older posts and more importantly the help I recieved? Everything seems to only go back to 2006 or so? Where is the old info? I need the maytag service manual a member sent me years ago for my stackable washer/dryer! He said it was the best manual ever wwritten on the subject. Help please!



What's going on with a dryer that overheats or runs too hot?

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Dryer Repair, Screencasts 08 April 2012 · 732 views
dryer, overheat, element and 2 more...

Order parts for your dryer here ==> http://www.repaircli...elp?RCAID=24038

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