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DurhamAppliance's Blog

Installing a Frigidaire inner boot spring , The Afix Method!

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 19 August 2015 · 168 views

Just have to memorialize this in a blog....


watch and be amazed as Brother Acfixerdude shows us his excellent technique for doing what used-to-be a pita repair...


take it away Bro Afix.........




Source: Installing Frigidaire inner boot spring (just the spring) in 14 seconds.

How to find documentation for Kenmore Refrigerators

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 15 May 2015 · 603 views

Finding documentation for Kenmore appliances can be challenging at times. If you are lucky, you may locate it in our download section. When searching, try searching with the decimal, without the decimal, removing the decimal and numbers in front of it and replace them with an "*" while also replacing the last few letters with an "*". See Searching for technical documents http://appliantology...appliantology/.

But usually, Kenmore's are a pita to find info. You have to somehow cross reference the model to the manufactures compatible model.

Sometimes if you find the part number for the mainboard or user interface, you can cross reference the part to a model where the documentation is easier to find. Some manufacturers do make it easy. For instance

Frigidaire made Kenmores ... just look it up on Frigidaire's site but you must include the decimal.You will get a tech sheet but to find a full manual, check out my Frigidaire survival kit blog http://appliantology...r-survival-kit/

LG is also easy.. just use the first five digits after the decimal and look it up on LG's tech assist site.

Whirlpool made? Good luck with that....

Samsung? . well....

look up the model at Searspartsdirect... try to cross reference the mainboard using appliance parts pros (full site) ... but it only brings up other Kenmore models...damn... that means we got to do our own cross-referencing. so let's play Sherlock Holmes....

While we are already looking at it, let's grab a screenshot of the mainboard to compare with other samsung models.

On Sears, you see this fridge is a sxs..

Samsung refrigerator model numbers start with R (Refrigerator)then an S for sxs or f (french door) b (bottom mount) M (four door... maybe it may stand for Multiple door but I call them Mutha@#&fs!)

So far we have RS

If it has a three way valve then the next letter will be a G otherwise a number. So let's check out the machine compartment on the Sears' diagram and we see a 3 way stepper valve ... great! This means there are only a couple of Samsung models to compare boards with.

So far we have RSG

Check my Dropbox or Appliantology's library for models beginning with RSG (use wildcard search "rsg*")

And there are two models...let's look at the fast track for the first one... model RSG257AA .... hmmm.. i dunno.... they look sort of different... well the pictures' orientation are different... color seems off... but examining them closely... counting connectors... ah ha! it's the same board. There you have it cross referenced to an RSG257AA. Elementary, my dear Watson... uh... Bro. Patricio

Now , I did not spend all this time and trouble so I could ask you out on a date. Copy this post for future reference 'cause next time you have a Kenmore - Samsung fridge cross reference manual request and you don't attempt to obtain it yourself first and I have to go through all this again... well, we know how that's gonna turn out... lol


Source: Kenmore Refrigerator (Samsung) 401.41003010

Can't a Brother Have a Little Fun?

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 17 March 2015 · 431 views

Brother Smash recently asked a question about what else we did and then specifically asked about video games. (see http://appliantology...lse-do-you-do/)He made me remember there are more things in life than repairing appliances. Now don't get me wrong, I love being a tech but he made me remember times when I had fun doing other things

So I thought I'd look for some of my old games and maybe relive the days when I battled foes other than refrigerators and maybe also reveal a little about myself while I'm at it:

Thanks to Appliantology I went from enjoying blowings shit up to keeping things working.

Video Tip #1 : Oven door glass has continuity?

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 28 November 2014 · 801 views

This is the first in a series of short video tips.

First up is a tip passed on to me from Applianceman97. It's info he recently acquired in a training class. Even with all the knowledge bro A97 has, he continues to train and attend classes. A superior tech who continues to up his game is an unstoppable force. We're lucky to have him share his knowledge on appliantology, even if he is still so young he has to ask permission to leave the porch.

Time To Give Thanks, once again

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 25 November 2014 · 472 views

Wow, It's been 3 years since I wrote this one...and since then I can't believe I've made nearly 4000 posts and done countless repairs! Time sure flies when I'm having fun but I, as well as us all, must take a little time to give thanks. Once a year is certainly not enough but making this day special helps us remember to give thanks, always:

In my best Lawerence Welk voice (young uns, look him up on youtube)...., "This time, a short Thanksgiving tribute to those of us who sacrifice family holiday time to help beleaguered customers "

There and Back Again,
The Travels Triumphs and Tributes of an Appliance Repairman

Over the river and through the woods
To customer's house you go
You know the way
'Cause GPS say
"Turn right, keep straight, go slow...ohhh! (everybody join in and hold the note to signify passage of time and for dramatic effect).....ooohhhh!"

Over more rivers and through more woods
Then rightly herald as "king!"
As customer bakes
A turkey, a cake
In an oven once stuck in Self-Clean.

Over the rivers and through the woods
Back to your house you go
To give thanks and pray
This Thanksgiving day,
For being blessed with a job you love so.

Source: There and Back Again, a Thanksgiving ode

Tool Review : Circuit Board Stand-off tool!

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 13 November 2014 · 713 views

An interesting tool that supposedly makes it easier to remove boards from those pesky plastic stand-offs.


My thoughts before getting it:

1) Expensive
2) I could make one
3) Limited use

My thoughts after receiving it:

1) This thing is nicely built
2) Looks very professional,
3) I can't wait to try it

My thoughts after using it:

1) Love it!
2) Makes removing boards a snap
3) I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.

How easy is it to use this tool? Well, I took the following video using my left hand while I removed a GE board from its standoffs with just my right.

Thanks to Brother BryanS for introducing me to this tool. It still would be nice if it could double as a blow gun... but I guess I can't have everything.

Whirlpool universal fridge timer 482493 instructions decoded

Posted by DurhamAppliance, 17 September 2014 · 982 views

Sometimes after working on ADC, mainboards, jazz boards, genesis boards, utah boards, and beta boards, it's a relief to repair a fridge where the defrost is controlled by a good old standard timer. That is until you have to use the Whirlpool universal timer and have to re-read those "encoded" instructions. Over a year ago, when I had some time (and this timer) on my hands, I decided to break that code. Recently, I discussed this info but forgot what I came up with and it took some time to find my post.

So to have it at my fingertips and hopefully help one or two folks down the road, I decided to save it here, in my blog... hope you find it useful

When I cannot find the wiring diagram for a Whirlpool manufactured fridge, the following has worked for me when installing the whirlpool universal timer (the one with the innocuous looking dangling black wire)

A)According to the timer manual, For whirlpools If your timer connector has a white wire it is continuous (or possible a cumulative version 2, but hook up is the same) use procedure 1 (black wire to terminal MARKED #1...which does not mean the first pin)

B)If there is a red wire use procedure 2 (black wire to terminal MARKED #2) .

C) Cumulative version 2 uses procedure 3 which is the same as procedure 1(blackwire to terminal MARKED #1)...but usually there is a red and a white wire....but since you already determined there was a white wire you should have used procedure 1 anyway(terminal MARKED #1).

Also remember, if the timer runs when the fridge is plugged in regardless of whether the cold control is off...it is continuous ie procedure 1

***So in essence, if there is a white wire use procedure 1

**if there is a red wire and no white, wire use procedure 2.

***Ignore procedure 3 as it is the same as procedure 1.

Again, this is for wire colors used by Whirlpool.

For further reading....http://appliantology...service-manual/ give a good explanation of standard timers as well as adc

also this thread http://appliantology...9280/?hl=puzzle

Source: 106.8492410 Kenmore refrigerator

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