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How to fix a Whirlpool-Kenmore gas range with no gas coming out the cooktop surface burners

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The real solution was listed in the tech sheet provided below by RegUS_PatOff



A normally closed (N.C.) electrical solenoid

is located on the back of the range that will

provide a means of shutting off the gas

supply to the cooktop burners. This 120-volt

solenoid is connected across the L1 and

Neutral sides of the line and controlled by a

relay on the microcomputer board. See

Strip Circuit, page 3.

The solenoid is held open to allow gas to

flow to the cooktop burners. If a customer

wants to “Lockout” the operation of the

cooktop burners, they can hold down the

TOP/TOP LIGHT keypad on the control

panel for 5 seconds. See Use and Care


This will open the relay and disconnect the

electrical supply to the solenoid. Once the

electrical supply is disconnected from the

solenoid, the solenoid will close and stop

gas flow to the cooktop. In the event of a

power outage, the gas supply to the

cooktop burners will be shut off.

Source: Kenmore/whirlpool oven 66575842004

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