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How to force start the defrost cycle in a Maytag refrigerators with Adaptive Defrost Control (ADC)

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The "older" style Maytag ADC

This is the OLD (notice the 18-pin chip) 61005988 ADC failure-prone Board

It has the L1 - TEST (lower pins on connector)

Manual Defrost Cycle is tested by momentarily jumper L1 and TEST

(with insulated jumper)


The "newer" Maytag ADC is a better design.. (same part number)

Newer OEM 61005988 (8-pin chip) 61005988 ADC Board... L1 (but NO Test pin)

Manual Defrost Cycle is tested by cycling the Freezer Cold Control 3x within 6 seconds and leaving it on MAX


Source: Force a defrost MZD2766GE

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