Are you a professional Appliantologist (do you fix appliances for a living)?  Well, we have a special deal for you!  You can don the shiny, sequined robes of a Master Appliantologist without coughing up any of your precious beer money!  

Appliantologist is a complimentary upgrade extended to Brethren in The Craft.  Instead of paying for full access to the site, including service manual downloads, you “pay-as-you-go” with your wisdom, knowledge, and experience by helping to answer questions in the forums.  And you need to make two posts for every file download.

As an enlightened Master in The Craft, you get all the apprenticeship benefits described on the Apprenticeship page PLUS you can download sacred service manuals.  All you have to do is share your pearls of appliantological wisdom with those who are not fortunate enough to be you. 

"Huzzah!" you exclaim, for all those once forbidden files are yours and they didn't cost a dime!  Now you can spend that money on brewskies and corn dogs: the nectar and ambrosia of enlightened Master Appliantologists.  And where better to enjoy that twelve-pack of beers than at the Appliantology Dojo?  Yes, now as an Appliantologist, you and the other superlunary masters may enjoy each other's company in this techs-only, candle-lit, hookah-filled forum!   

Here's how it works:

- First, register here at the Appliantology Academy (free)

- Second, email the Samurai a description of your vast and awesome experience in the Craft of Appliantology.  

- If your combat experience is found to be meritorious, you will be elevated to Appliantologist and be empowered to post replies, start new topics, and download service manuals in the Downloads section at the Appliantology site.

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