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Get appliance parts for any brand and model delivered quickly, conveniently, and securely to your home so you can finish the job! And you can order with the peace of mind that comes with a 365-Day, No-Hassle Return Policy on all parts ordered from Appliance Parts Pros. offers a complete line of appliance parts for all brands and models through our parts partner, Appliance Parts Pros. You won’t find a more complete selection of appliance parts, better customer service, or a more lenient return policy anywhere else. And all at great prices!

By clicking through to Appliance Parts Pros using the links anywhere here at,, or, a small percentage of your purchase goes to supporting this website without costing you one penny more for the parts you order.  So, if you’re going to order appliance parts anyway, how ’bout using the links on this website to ensure that the Samurai will be here the next time you need appliance repair help? Rock on! 

Like to shop locally? What does “local” mean anymore in this age of the Internet? I mean, can you get any more local than right here on your computer screen? I know we look big time an’ all, but we’re a mom & pop (literally!) operation, too. Instead of a brick n’ mortar repair shop, we’re your online DIY appliance repair shop; we’re every bit (pardon the pun) as real and we’re as close as your compooter screen. How’s that for local?

And does your "local" parts house give you a 365-day no-hassle return policy?  Even on electronic control boards that you already installed?  No?  So… why do you buy there?

I‘ve got some convenient parts search tools right on this page, too. Just use the handy and omniscient parts search box in the right hand column of this page.

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Like to buy stuff at Amazon?  Yeah, that’s like asking if the Samurai likes to drink beer, right?  Well, hey, if you’re gonna buy stuff at Amazon anyway, how ‘bout going through our Amazon link?  It’s a way for you to support, your favorite DIY appliance repair site, without costing you one penny more.  You can even use the search box below to get started. Domo!  

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