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Whirlpool Washer WFW9500T Tech Bundle

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About This File

Whirlpool Washer


  • Repair Part List - W10188973
  • Tech Sheet - W10133490

User Feedback

I saw that last night. My  question is why can't  you buy just buy the drain pump not the housing, re-circulation pump , hose. and whatever else the want to put on it? 

For example yesterday i needed a drain pump for an Kenmore (LG) and every site and supply house wanted me to  purchase this monstrosity AHA7973309 for about $75+ that's BS! Not one single site had any options. So I dug around in my truck and found a 4681EA2001T DRAIN PUMP. They go for about $30+ give or take a couple of bucks. 

Why is that? If I had not known or found that part I would have been thrown a bunch of rubber and plastic into our great american landfills and paid an extra $40. 


Is there an alternative when purchasing/researching drain pumps for these front loaders when all you need is the pump?

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