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Kenmore Elite Samsung-built Dryer Service Manual

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

About This File

Covers these Kenmore models:

592-893080 (Better-R/Elec-B/Silver)

592-893090 (Better-R/Gas -B/Silver)

592-893040 (Better-R/Elec-T/Red)

592-891070 (Good-R/Elec-I/Silver)

592-891170 (Good-F/Elec-I/Silver)

592-891080 (Good-R/Elec-B/Silver)

592-891180 (Good-F/Elec-I/silver)

But teardown is essentially similar for all Samsung-built dryers so this manual should do for tear down for any Samsung dryer. For specific technical info, use the relevant Fast Track manual.

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