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Budget Appliance Repair

1969 Corvette 427 big block, made a trip from San Francisco back to Eureka in 3 1/2 hours, (a little over 300 miles).
Had a 1965 Chevy 283 motor in it when it caught fire, windshield wipers got caught in hidden cover and wiper motor went up in flames trying to pull wipers down.
Dec 15 2010 07:08 AM

Budget Appliance Repair

Thanks Kdog, That was the second car I ever owned that I purchased myself, I was 18. I had it for 3 years and had just paid the loan off and it caught fire and I didn't have the money to fix it. No comp insurance since all the trouble the car got me into, actually I caused the trouble myself by not being able to make it go slow.....
Dec 15 2010 06:58 AM

Budget Appliance Repair

Starting to get used to it. I like the speed much better without all the little widgets and pictures on every page, it was really slowing the old forum down.
Dec 02 2010 07:33 AM

Samurai Appliance Repair ManBudget Appliance Repair

What's shakin', Willie? How you liking the new place?
Dec 01 2010 11:39 AM

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