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  1. Greetings,   Working on a 48" built in ZISB48DAW. The Fresh Food Door will not seal properly, seems like the door sags a few inches than the freezer and the door will not snap back close. I inspected the hinge and looks like the pin that goes into the door seeps a bit bent, the shaft and pulley underneath that pulls the door close seems loose and crooked as compared to the freezer side. I tried to adjust the bolt on the hinge pin bun not much luck. Any suggestion on what I should consider? Most of the parts are F/O and I hate to just throw parts at something and hope it works. I looked at the service book with the unit, it states that the hinges are non adjustable, I don't think so. If there is an updated service book that's great.   Thanks,   Ken At'Cher Service
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    KAC-38 JOB AID 4317355 Model: KDRP487MSS
  3. File Name: Kitchenaid 48 inch Dual Fuel Slide-In Range File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 21 Feb 2013 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper KAC-38 JOB AID 4317355 Model: KDRP487MSS Click here to download this file
  4. *** Edit for future reference: PROBLEM SOLVED. ISSUE WAS A BAD CIRCUIT BREAKER CONNECTION IN HOME WIRING PANEL, NOT THE DISHWASHER. THANKS ALL! *** Hi Guru guys, I have a Bosch SHE43M05UC/48 dishwasher that was installed in the house I purchased three years ago. It has been working perfectly until recently, when the machine would suddenly shut off mid-cycle and trip the circuit breaker at our breaker box, which is a line dedicated exclusively to the dishwasher. Originally since there was water in the bottom of the unit, I assumed the drain pump was faulty. Using the excellent information you all have here, I ordered a new drain pump and sucessfully completed replacement of it. Sadly, I discovered that the problem was not resolved, and it appears that both my new and old drain pumps work fine, as water does indeed drain at the beginning of the cycle. From an electricity standpoint, it certainly seems like tripping the circuit breaker would mean that there is a short-circuit happening somewhere in or around the unit during the cycle. However, I removed the bottom panel and access panel of the dishwasher, checked all the drain lines for blockage, cleaned everything as best I could, but I could not see any leaking water with my naked eye. I have not gone so far as to remove the Heating Element, and a Google search for another dishwasher that shuts off mid-cycle seemed to suggest that this could be at fault. I am unsure whether a bad Heating Element would cause my circuit breaker to trip, however. Can you geniuses help me? I have fixed dishwashers in the past and I DON'T want to let this thing beat me!! If I have to order a new appliance I will but I would hate to do that if I can just figure out what is needed to repair this unit, order a part, and replace it. Thanks much, Adam
  5. File Name: Frigidaire 30 inch Gas Range File Submitter: kdog File Submitted: 24 Oct 2012 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Service Manual for Frigidaire - Kenmore freestanding 30 inch Gas Range version of manual 2005 Click here to download this file
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    Service Manual for Frigidaire - Kenmore freestanding 30 inch Gas Range version of manual 2005