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  1. Hello. Recently, I purchased a refurbished freezer. The product is under temporary warranty for at least the next 30 days.   From the time they delivered the freezer up until now, it was extremely warm and had zero coolness. It had no frost and wasn't freezing at all.   I complained to them over the phone for the last 2 days.   Before the product left the store, all of the staff said, "but it was working beautifully and very frío" and that they "put plenty of Freon in it." When the product came to my house it wasn't working properly.   I called yesterday morning and they said they'll send someone out to fix it. A few hours later that day, no one showed up. So I called again and they said, "We'll just get a new one for you."    Earlier today, the store manager told me, "the freezer doesn't NEED an exchange right now." Later today, he came to load the Freon into the compressor. He said his "didn't put enough Freon in it." He said Freon can "last for YEARS and YEARS" and he'll only exchange it if it stops working. I'm not 100% comfortable with this broken-on-arrival product. I'm pretty sure that whether or not it's working that I can still exchange this for another freezer. The other freezer they have is an upright freezer, which I prefer to have. They are a "no refund, exchange only" kind of store. I'm currently stuck with an Amana-brand 7.0 cu ft chest freezer. The model number is C101DW.    This almost perfectly describes my situation (I'm not 100% sure about the leak though):   Does adding Freon, a refrigerant/coolant, to a freezer indicate that there is an undiagnosed issue with the appliance? The guy that was loading it with Freon said it's supposed to have 7 ounces of Freon ideally.    Here are the pictures of my freezer:   He said there is a leak ONLY if the freezer is over 0 degrees and if it makes certain sound. Currently, the freezer temperature is under 0 degrees according.   Also, I noticed that the access panel is missing. Without this, the compressor can easily be viewed and perhaps exposed.   Sorry if this post is too long. Could someone please confirm if the information they provided to me is accurate?
  2. Hi group, wondering if anyone knows where I can locate parts for an old Miele Vacuum The hinge door to the tools is broke plus the motor or controller only works on Full power... Been trying via google but zero luck. On the flip side would anyone know if that model is similar to other models.   I can't find any parts manuals as well if anyone knows that... Thanks to all in advance...
  3. Hello all.      Am having a bear of a time trying to find a simple part (the door open key i.e. latch lever) for a Sharp "steamwave" AX1100 (microwave grill steam countertop combo).    While there are many other similar items for other manufacturers, the 10-12 appliance parts websites i checked don't have them for this model nor does amazon or ebay... with the exception of a few sites in the UK who seem to be out of stock and or can't ship to the states.     It seems like Sharp is not so popular or commonplace when it comes to kitchen appliances at least not here in the US. Maybe there is another model that is compatible that the part would work from. I read that Dacor microwaves are made from Sharp parts though that is not verifiable; the other half is maybe am looking in the wrong places.    Was able to find an exploded view of the door panel and it shows the part is a LANGTA525WRPZ.   Sharp insists we take the unit in to a service center to get it fixed for no less than $100 even though it's probably a $5 part and this thing's a beast at 50+ pounds (either that or i am getting weaker with age... or both).    Will try to either engineer a repair of the part (the plastic peg that pushes the latch up broke off) or just pony up the dough to take it in.    Unless someone knows where on this green & blue rock to find a part!        Paul
  4. A Tribute to Parts Changing Monkeys

    From the album Samurai's Photo Albums

  5. I need an overlay Part number: 67006603 for this refrigerator, Part has been discontinued (bordering on criminal).If you happen to have this part in stock, please contact me. Or, if you know of the same part but with a different part number (e.g., Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, etc.), please let me know. Thanks. Jim angkor123000 at yahoo dot com
  6. Searched APP, Sears, & LG Tech assist for parts numbers & availability.   Was able to find the LG manual for this model Which has  pictorial diagrams of the refrigerator but no sensible reference or description as to what the parts are exactly.    Any insight what I am missing as to finding parts for this unit.
  7. There's a spring-activated contact mounted to the chassis of this old wall oven, (or there was!), that turns on the oven lamp when the door opens, or when a switch on the oven door is toggled.  I found it in pieces, quite burned out, (pictured below).  Can't find the replacement listed in a Parts Search, but there is probably a modern equivalent.   Any suggestions?  Thanks!
  8. Okay here we go. Fresh food evap not defrosting so we tracked the problem down to a open heater. So to be on the safe side we ordered the heater, defrost sensor and thermal bimetal. DA47-00244D Heater DA47-00243S Thermal Bi DA32-00027B Defrost Sensor Well the Samsung Gods where not smiling on us this day. The parts sent do not match what is in the machine and we have checked 3 different sources to make sure everything is proper as to what we ordered. Mainly the heater and thermal bimetal. Looks like another infamous Samsung mfg change that has no documentation. Other than telling the customer to contact Samsung what do you suggest?
  9. Well as a apprentice in the world of appliantology i scored a dismal but dramatic FAIL last night!   After successfully removing a stuck foreign object from my dishwasher (which WAS working perfectly and was the most FANTASTIC machine before i opened it up!)  in replacing the circulating pump i made the error of plugging the connector in upside down.  When I plugged the appliance back in  i heard a muffled "pop" and then noticed the display was BLANK -  not even the time was showing!      I opened it up again then looked at the control Module under the advice of a Miele technician.  No signs of burns.. but the main Electronic Control Board what is thought to have been destroyed through my repair efforts.  Now the ghastly news,  the "replacement" Board costs $1100  ELPW551-A/L  USA   120v is what the removed board has on it as a "type'   Does ANYONE have or know of someone who's parting out a Miele LaPerla II??   I found a european control board but its a 220v version... i dunno if i could word around the voltage issue somehow?     Anyway... depressed here now... advice sought please!  I just cannot pay $1100 bucks for a single part even though its a gorgeous machine!
  10. I have a Kenmore Dishwasher mod: 665.13742k603 which needs a new control board.  I have a control board for a Whirlpool dishwasher mod: GU2300XTVQ0 which appears to be nearly the same.   I looked up the parts on Sears Parts Direct to compare/get substitution parts to see if the control boards were substitutable.  According to Sears Parts the control boards are different part numbers ( W10130968 vs W10208674) but the substitution number is the same: W10285179.   I know that the control panels are totally different as they sport different wash options and manufacturer logos. But if the control board substitution numbers are the same does this mean that (although they are different model numbers and even control board numbers) the control board substitution is the same and therefore compatible?   I appreciate the help.    
  11. The freezer on this unit was not cooling properly for a very short time, so I removed the grill and looked at the compressor/coil area. I noticed the fan was not running. I started the fan and the freezer has cooled and the fan has worked since. Although the fan is making a little more noise than I think it should. I can hear a faint thumping sound.   I'm thinking I should replace the fan as a proactive move. If the experts think that is good thinking, I would like to know if there are any parts other than the motor that I should order to have on hand just in case they break,strip, run away, etc...when I take the motor off. For instance is the blade easy to get off or will it possibly break? Are there any bushings, etc that might be ruined in my heavy handed approach?   Looking forward to your answers, as always.   Aloha
  12. Amcor parts

    Does anyone know where I can buy Amcor parts                 I have a customer looking for a Part Thanks Paul  
  13. Whirlpool GB2FHDXWB00 bottom freezer refrigerator, 4 years old...... freezer keeps icing over, refrigerator gets warm. Manual defrost through control panel works. Repeat problem. Repair service has defrosted refrigerator, replaced thermostat, replaced freezer thermistor (twice), added section of heating wire from defrost coil to inside of defrost drain tube.   Other than the above parts, what else is in the defrost system on this refrigerator? I did not see a separate defrost timer on the wiring diagram. This is getting quite frustrating.   I was thinking of replacing the control circuit board when I noticed on the wiring diagram that this refrigerator may have two thermistors, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator section. Where is the refrigerator thermistor located and how do I access it? For that matter, where is the control board located and how do I access it?   It seems to me that since the defrost system appears to work, when manually initiated, that the defrost system components work when commanded "on". Besides the control board, what else might command the defrost system "on"?   Also, is there available an actual shop repair manual for this refrigerator?   Thank you
  14. Please help! The larger oven on my vintage range will not heat. Fingers crossed for an easy/expensive fix! Here's the situation:   Large oven won't heat at all. Used to heat fine then one day it appeared to turn itself off mid-bake. I turned it on and off and it seemed to work fine. Ever since then it won't even get warm. When I turn the Bake/Broil/Etc knob the temperature indicator flickers a bit leading me to believe it's some sort of switch/fuse issue. I've been informed this model doesn't have a fuse. So... ???   Is there any troubleshooting I can easily do myself? I am 100% no knowledgeable about electronics, appliances, or fix-it. But I really don't want to pay $100 for a repairman to come tell me it's broken.   Here's a pic of the range:   And here's the model # tag:   Apologies for the fuzzy pics. I can post more later if that's helpful.
  15. travelling 140 miles on Monday to look at a new model Dacor induction range RR30NFS. Would like to make this ONE trip. need service manual - even something similar. Thanks!   howdryiam
  16. Hello all:   I am currently working on the above appliance.   Complaint: The oven display lights, cycle and clean, are not working.   I arrived and the cycle and clean lights work for the lower over. The cycle light for the upper oven works. However, the clean light for the upper oven does not come on.   I traced the voltage and all of the lights that are working register 120VAC. The clean light that is not working shows no voltage.   Upon reviewing the service manual, the power for the clean light is supplied by the upper oven control board.   I need the part number and a parts house to order the new control board.   Respect and thank you,   Mike   P.S.- Repair help is always appreciated. Give your thoughts and/or experience.
  17. File Name: Dacor CPS Oven Tech Bundle File Submitter: RegUS_PatOff File Submitted: 14 Mar 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Dacor CPS Oven Classic ERC failure codes CPS_WD (wiring diagram) Diagnostic_Manual FSBs_CPD-CPS-2013-06-24b-Web (service bulletins) PC-CPS-CPD-2013-04-22-Web (parts) Click here to download this file
  18. Version


    Dacor CPS Oven Classic ERC failure codes CPS_WD (wiring diagram) Diagnostic_Manual FSBs_CPD-CPS-2013-06-24b-Web (service bulletins) PC-CPS-CPD-2013-04-22-Web (parts)
  19. Looking for parts for a FP dishwasher mod# DD24DI6 Upper drawer lid motors. Thanks
  20. I can't seem to find the case sensor & case brake parts number for the Samsung 400 series D/W.    I am wondering if the ones for the 800 series are compatible. DD94-01006A & DD94-01005A
  21. I am looking for a parts list &/or manual for this Panasonic inverter, the Genius Sensor microwave.   The only thing I can find in way of model number is 'Type AP104A'.   This is not but a few months old, it has a broken top hook in the door latch.  Does not look difficult to replace.  I am trying to find out if parts are available.  It tells me what the part numbers are for the switches, fuse, & relay.  The owner did not keep owners manual.
  22. Sensei Samurais -  Need the wisdom of the masters please.   Problem: heating element somehow was cut/severed all the way through (looks like something in the bottom rack must have been sticking downward beyond the rack's bottom).  The heating/drying obviously do not work, but i thought it might be a door switch/latch (L1?) problem (see #2).  This went on for a week before I took a serious look and water was POURING out of the hole that connects the heating element from the inside the tub to the outside of the tub.  Needless to say, the electrical connection is oxidized and needs to be replaced.  (please see photos of inside and outside tub).   Question(s): 1)  What parts do I need for this repair? 2) This dishwasher is also making the "every 5 second click" sound, I have replaced both circuit boards.  Could the broken heating element be related to MY clicking issue? 3) any other tidbits of samurai wisdom would be greatly appreciated.   Domo domo, ZT
  23. Hi Gurus. Anyone have parts diagram for Viking Microwave VMOR205SS? Need ASAP. Thanks in advanced!
  24. I humbly request admittance to your dojo.  I have led a life of sin and dissipation.  In past, I have been known to swap parts like a monkey.  I am ready to change.  However, tomorrow morning the washer will still be broken.  I seek a diagnostic test.   Salient points of appliance trouble: Hotpoint washer   VBSR3100G2WW  No motor activity during Spin phase.Virtually no motor activity during Agitation phase (I ran the machine on many settings and it did agitate for part of a  “wrinkle free” cycle during  2 of 4 test runs on that setting, but nothing at all otherwise.) Lid switch OK. LED on motor PCB blinks stand-by pattern at all times when appliance is powered on.I’m on a remote Pacific island.It will take a minimum of 6 weeks for me to order and receive any part.I have internet access a couple times a day.I’m hoping for guidance on a diagnostic test(s) I can do to pinpoint the trouble.    Arigato gozaimasu,   K. Namakura
  25. Looking for a parts source for viking. I need relay, "relay1" for right oven, located right front under oven door.