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  1. My sister needs to replace her Kitchenaid wall combination microwave and oven.  She HATES kitchenaid.  The oven was in the house when she moved in.   She is looking for a double oven, not combination.   Are there any brands to look to or avoid based on bad reliability or difficulty to access repairs or parts?   Any features that should be avoided (other than self cleaning)?  She does not have gas in place AFAIK, so we're talking about Electric wall ovens.       She is in Syracuse, NY to provide a sense of resource access.  She is an avid cook and baker, so she will be using the ovens. Her daughter is a chef working in NYC.  Also, she very comfortable financially if there are premium brands to be considered.  She is practical about prestige vs functionality and frugal (a Subaru lifer), but she can splurge if something is worth it.   Thanks for recommendations.
  2. Initially, my Whirlpool Cabrio Model #WTW5640XW0 Top Loading Washer wouldn't start at all yesterday. I've had issues lately with it taking numerous attempts before it would start. After trying for 1/2 a day to get the Diagnostic Test Mode to start, it showed F5 E1 Code (Lid Switch Fault). Today, I finally figured out how to do Automatic & Manual Tests. The Automatic Test resulted in Flashing Lid Lock LED each time with blank display. The Manual Test could only be performed up to checking the Wash 08 display as the Flashing Lid Lock LED wouldn't allow me to properly do the spin and agitation tests (LEDs only flashed & beeped as indicated due to lid not being locked). When I ran another Diagnostic Code Test, I saw F5 E1; F2 E1; F7 E1; F0 E0.  I manually turned the basket & it turns freely.   At this point, each test for the codes (F5 E1 and F7 E1) requires access to the main control. What should I do at this point? I really need to get this resolved quickly as my OCD tendencies won't allow me to quit and I need to do laundry.    Thanks in advance, Charleene    
  3. Nasty whining noise during all cycles however the drum spins fine and pumps out water find.  Here is a video of the operation.
  4. I purchased a used duet washer, but then dropped it getting it out of the truck. Now the top (just the thin metal lid that covers the top) pops up on one side. I pulled it off and see that across the front is a plastic piece that runs from left to right and has a couple plastic clips that hold the top down snugly. I looked in appliance parts diagram and can't seem to find this part. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any easy fix without the new part? I guess I could just leave a big book on this end of the washer, but i'm hoping to re-sell it since it was a package deal, and all I really need is the dryer. Thanks!
  5. The washer stopped in the middle of a load and now there is no power. The outlet is fine but I push the power button and nothing happens. What can I do to detect what's wrong?  
  6. I have a Maytag Model MZD2766GEW. The top fo the fridge and freezer are not working but the lower half if both is fine. Well the fridge is actually too cold as the vegetables in the drawer will freeze. Just got home from a trip and have to leave for Taiwan tonight so O am hoping someone can give me a quick diagnosis or suggestions. I read about this years ago in a post but can't find the earlier one.   Thanks Paul
  7. Thermador Gurus & Other Esteemed Wizards,   Help!  looking for leads on finding a functitonal thermostat (Bosch 416176) for the griddle from a 1993 Thermador Professional 48" range (Model # GCR 484GG; Serial 93070053).  Everyone says it is no longer available   Chuck C, Omaha, NE
  8. Dear Samurais, I have a Siemens washer model# WFXD5201UC/02.Its made by Bosch.I tested the unit by putting it into a short cycle,the drain/spin and it fills and rotates,and also drains.The timer will get down to 17 minutes and the unit does n othing.A few times it got to 14 minutes and did nothing but unlocked the door before it was finished.Iam thinking the main control is bad but was wondering if the door lock could do this. Thank you SAMANERA
  9. Need to change water line from water valve to ice make in Sub Zero 700TCI. Freezer on the bottom. Small tube goes from water valve then into freezer area wall, and then somehow connects to ice maker spout.  Service manual I have doesn't seem to address this. Wondering if anyone has experience with this or could offer guidance, tips, hints... thank you
  10. Hello, I recently purchased a used Kitchenaid 18" undercounter/free-standing ice machine.  I have been unable to find an actual nomenclature plate with anything that looks like a model number.  This unit has the pull down door with three control buttons, Off, On and Clean.  On the inside of the door is a label with cleaning in instructions.  On the bottom left corner are the numbers 2185803A.  The bottom right corner is 02/05.  Can anyone provide any guidance as to what my model number may be?   After running for two hours, there was only a single handful of thin ice with a very thin slab sitting on the cutting grids...which was just melting, not cutting.  I removed the grid plate and found the wiring terminals were corroded  and one was broken.  There was continuity across both grid wires.  I built a new wiring harness and spliced it into the existing cable (using the existing plug).  It is now cutting the ice.  However, it seems very slow to make ice...since I'm new to this type of machine, I really don't know what the actual start-up time would be for a hot/dry machine, to a bin full of ice.  The freezing plate looks clean with no noticeable build-up of any type; at this point I have not ran any type of cleaning solution through it.   I have been reading the many links associated with a generic search on this site...lots of good info.  I am really glad I found this site.  Thanks!  Any help, guidance and suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.
  11. Dear Master, I have an Frigidaire washer and the model number is missing .As soon as you plug it in all LED'S blink,along with a beep sound.They blink nine times then repeat.I have attached a picture of this unit and was hoping someone would know what might be wrong,and the model #. Sincerely, SAMANERA   dont know how to post pic.will not upload
  12. I Need advice. I have a washer with a torn drive belt and the pulley needs to be replaced because it is worn out in the middle where the shaft attaches. I noticed the shaft is slightly damaged it doesn't have two smooth flat sides on the head of the shaft where the pulley attaches, it has been grooved out a little . Would you still go ahead with the repair and attach the pulley and belt and hope it holds up? Thanks
  13. I am working on an O'keefe and Merritt double electric wall oven. I need a bottom heating element and a temperature control thermostat for the top oven. I cannot fine any parts for this unit. The model number is 11-7534-30-050 . Does anyone know where to find parts for this 1970 to 1980 oven. Thank you for your help.
  14. I finally figured out how to get into the evaporator, heater, and fan compartment on my GE frig!!! Most of the infomation found on the Net said it was necessary to pull the rear wall panel of the freezer after removing the drawer. That isn't possible since the two sides and rear wall were molded as one piece! Then I tried removing the upper panel. It looked as if it would slide out after taking off the front retaining bar. Unfortunately it was held in place by the frig sheet metal sides. Actual access was achieved by removing the floor panel of the fresh food box. When I lifted the Styrofoam cover, I could see an accumulation of ice around the fan which had kept it from running. So cold air wasn't getting up to the fresh food box. However, the freezer compartment apparently was unaffected. After melting the ice and cleaning out the drain hole and hose, everything seemed to be working again. The next morning I expected to see some water in the catch pan I put below. When I opened the evaporator compartment, there was an accumulation of ice over the drain hole again, but not near as much as before. However, given enough time I was worried it might build it to stop the fan again. So I checked the heating element and it was 20 ohms, which seemed about right. Then I checked it there was any voltage across it when the compressor stopped. There was none. So far, I've been unsuccessful in seeing the heater go on. Now here are my questions: 1. How often does a frig heater usually go on during a 24 hour period? 2. Is the timer on this GE Model a solid state device, and if so is there anyway to manually cycle it to turn on the heater? 3. The control module on this frig seems to be in the left corner of the evaporator compartment. Does anybody know how to get it out of there and test it?
  15. Hi, we have an old Frigidaire front loading washer (model: 417.39012891).  I’ve always kept the door open and removed the soap dispenser when not in use.  I’ve never smelled any mold or anything but recently I’ve had a problem with suds not rinsing out.  There is no water left in the unit, just suds.  We have a water softener and I’ve even diluted the soap and used a small dropper with, literally, 3 drops of liquid and still have a ton of suds left at the end of the spin cycle.  Sometimes I hook up a small hose to run from the water faucet into the machine during the spin cycles to try and rinse it out.  It does work … eventually.  The funny thing sometimes is I will wash 1 load and everything is fine, but the 2nd load has so much suds left that you would think I put half a bottle/box in!   Also, with the load that still has suds … if it’s too late (sometimes I’m working on 1 load for 2 hours!) I will just dry the clothes and rinse them through again the next day, with nothing added.  The odd thing about this … no suds!   Other things we’ve tried … - I’ve changed soap brands and also switched from liquid to powder. (All are “HE”, one is even a German low-residue brand designed specifically for front loaders)   - Ran a load with no soap and no clothes and guess what … no suds!   - Poured a whole gallon of vinegar in and ran long load with hot water, did this twice. This seemed to work so I now use vinegar instead of fabric softener.   - Found a recipe using dishwasher soap, salt, and vinegar to remove any mold or ‘gunk’ in the machine.  Did this 4 times and even let it sit overnight.  I also started the spin cycle in order to let some sit in the hose.  This seemed to help because we did have a lot of ‘gunk’ come out.   Just a note … Other than this problem, the washer runs fine.  It cycles correctly, fills, spins, doesn’t leak, etc.  Nothing seems wrong other than this. Can't figure out of it's the machine, soap, water, or what!   Sorry for the lengthy post, but as you can see we are at our wits end!  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  16. Dear Master, I have an Frigidaire washer model # LTF2940EE0.I have replaced the control module, Motor control and motor and still no spin.Could you please send me the tech sheet on this unit, and user guide if you can.Iam sure its something I can figure out once I put it into a test mode.As always thank you! SAMANERA
  17. Who Made My Kenmore?

    From the album Miscellaneous

    Magic Kenmore model number decoder.
  18. This slide in oven has started beeping once, then the oven shuts off, and the display goes blank. Turn on a surface burner and the display flashes 12:00 and you can reset the time and the oven can be reset to the proper temp and it continues to cook. Minutes, or hours later the same thing will happen again. I have replaced the EOC and the same problem continues to occur. Ohmed the oven sensor at 1082 at room temp. No error codes have ever been displayed.  Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  19. We have a 40 year old Maytag washer, with the exception of an oil leak, functions fully. The oil leak started a few years ago. I made an inquiry with RepairClinic Guru about repairing it, but decided instead to ignore it. Run it until it stops attitude. Now after shopping for new washers, my attitude is changing. My wife and I looked at new washers and spoke with friends and family about new top loaders. Frankly, we are not impressed. It concerns us that a new machine will likely disappoint in performance and service since they "aren't being made the way they used to."   I would like to fix it but I am concerned that after multiple years of neglect with low or no lubrication may have resulted in excessive wear. So I would like an opinion whether to make the effort to repair the washer.    I am confident with a few hints that I can make the repair. I made several minor repairs to the washer over the years, but nothing major like repairing seals.   Domo arigato gozaimasu,   Terry
  20. Dear Master, I have a GE R/F Model # GSS25WGSAWW.The customer says that it makes a loud humming noise and that it wakes them up in the middle of the night.It also does it during the day.They said that things in the freezer can and do start to thaw out.I checked the evaporator fan in freezer and it sounds ok when I was there .Trying to put 2 and 2 together,noise and intermittent cooling and sort of at a loss.Maybe the evaporator fan quits working making this noise,Iam not sure.There is not much else mechanical in the unit except icemaker and auger motor and damper in fridge.The condenser fan motor was working as well and sounded ok.Any I deas on this?There is evidence of it thawing ,ie deformed ice cream bars ,and frozen moisture droplets on evap cover.Temps were great today -2 and 35 Happy New year to u! SAMANERA
  21. Requesting service manual for an Amana washing machine model number NTW5400TQ1.    Thank you
  22. Requesting service manual for an Amana washing machine model number NTW5400TQ1.    Thank you
  23. I need a service manual to help repair my a/c. Model 580.74100400
  24. Dear Samurai, I have a Maytag washer model # MVWC6ESWW1, and the customers saying that auto fill is not working right.,that it wont fill with enough water.Please help with any suggestions or possibilities SAMANERA