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  1.                   Need help,  I am working on a Kenmore dryer med6000xw2,  3 yeas old. Set dryer to normal where it works on medium                  Heat, it starts making a rumbling noise in about 5 minutes. I ran the dryer on air for 20 minutes and purrs like a kitten .                   Only when heater is on does it make noise. So I replaced the 4 rollers, belt, and pulley. the shaft where rollers go on looked .                 Ok.  I also removed vent hose from dryer, to see if overheating of the drum might cause noise.  Same noise after 5  .                Minutes.   All help appreciated, thanks.
  2. I have a front-loading washer. It's a GE WSXH208A and was purchased 12 years ago. I do about one load every five days. About two months ago, it started making one (and only one) loud thud just as the spin cycle is starting. I checked to see if the struts were OK, and they were still intact. I was wondering (a) if this is a serious problem, because I don't mind the noise otherwise, and (b) how I might repair it myself. The top of the washer is already off so it's easy to reach into the washer, so I can post photographs of any component if that helps. Thanks!
  3. File Name: Samsung Top Load Washer Service Bulletin UPDATED File Submitter: TheApplianceTechnician File Submitted: 27 Oct 2015 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Revised samsung shock service bulletin addressing replacement washer dampers. Supersedes all previous bulletins.   All Production Through Jan, 2015   Models:   WA456DRHDWR/AA WA456DRHDSU/AA WA400PJHDWR/AA WA422PRHDWR/AA WA45H7200AW/A2 WA45H7200AP/A2 WA45H7000AW/A2   PUB ASC20150605001 V2 Click here to download this file
  4. Version


    Revised samsung shock service bulletin addressing replacement washer dampers. Supersedes all previous bulletins.   All Production Through Jan, 2015   Models:   WA456DRHDWR/AA WA456DRHDSU/AA WA400PJHDWR/AA WA422PRHDWR/AA WA45H7200AW/A2 WA45H7200AP/A2 WA45H7000AW/A2   PUB ASC20150605001 V2
  5. Nasty whining noise during all cycles however the drum spins fine and pumps out water find.  Here is a video of the operation.
  6. The Maytag washer will fill, spin, drain etc.  It will get to the wash cycle but not agitate.  The washer emits a noise similar to a growl.  The agitator does not move.  But the washer will spin and the pump will empty the drum. What steps should I take to diagnose the issue? Thanks
  7. Refg makes a noise like a car getting ready to shift gears. Cools fine, freezer cooling fine. Been making this noise for a couple months or longer. Everyone now says it is ready to take off.   Does not always make sound. But it does make the sound every day.  Could send video with making sound but no place for attachment.   Thanks Tommy
  8. This is a GE washer model #WCVH6260. There have been complaints of increasing noise during the spin cycle, and smoke. I expect the symptoms are consistent with a bad bearing, however there is no play between the basket and the tub. I thought I'd look for a second opinion before condemning the machine.    During operation the machine thumps during spin cycle, there is also a bit of an intermittent whine. There have been complaints of smoke or odor for the last several loads. The inside of the door seal shows evidence of melting, and there were fragments of the seal found inside the washer. There is no play between tub and basket, however when you spin the basket by hand a wobble is evident. There were no error codes, and when empty a spin cycle diagnostic test ramps up to full rpm. However, when I ran a test load with 4 towels, the machine was not able to ramp up to full rpm.    Please see this video that describes the symptoms:     Much appreciated
  9. this washer make a very loud high pitch squeal ( like metal on metal). I attached a video of the noise. Anyone have any idea what this is? I'm having trouble up loading the file because of its size. When I get home I'll put it up. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas, that would be great!
  10. Dear Samurais, I have a Bryant heat pump model#213ana024-c.Its making a noise like a fan blade is lightly hitting something metal.The units condenser fan is not hitting anything so Iam not sure what this is.It doesnt warm the house properly and goes to emergency heat most of the time.The unit also will shut off and on.During summer it seemd to cool the house ok.If I turn it on cool it sounds normal Thank you, SAMANERA
  11. We bought this GE monogram undercounter fridge 2 years ago but it was manufactured in 2006.  Ever since we plugged it in it has made a very strange noise.  About 4 seconds after the compressor kicks on we hear a loud sigh like gas escaping followed 4 seconds later by an even louder sigh that lasts about 3 seconds.  Almost like it is purging pressure.  I am not aware of any purge valve on this unit so not sure what this could be.  It has been in the shop several times and they can not figure it out.  GE service says they have never heard of this issue.  One repair specialist said that we need a new condensor but they also said that GE no longer makes that part.  So here I am making my own sighing noise and wondering if anyone out there might have a clue on how to fix this.  Thanks in advance.
  12. I have a Kitchenaid KSRT25CR side-by-side refridgerator with what sounds like a loud bad fan bearing noise coming from underneith the refridg.  Does anyone know how to get at the fan to see if it is bad, or even to replace it?  I can't find any service manuals for this refridg anywhere.
  13. The refrigerator / freezer is 1 year old. I left home for 2 days and unfortunately, the freezer door was left slightly ajar.  When I arrived back home and saw it, there was water in the bottom of the freezer from food defrosting.  But things were not totally defrosted.  I cleaned up the water and assumed things would be ok.  In a few hours, everything was frozen again.  The "freezing mechanism" (compressor, I assume) works fine. The problem is this: After the freezer is opened, for a number of hours thereafter, every 11 minutes there is a string of "tapping" sounds, which ends with a "swirling" (or "flushing") type sound and a large tap and it stops.  11 minutes later we go through it again.  - If the freezer has not been opened for hours (like overnight), it doesn't start until the freezer is again opened.   - If you open the freezer door in the middle of the tapping, the tapping stops but just as soon as you close the door, it starts again where it left off and finishes the tapping cycle. Other than the tapping noise, the freezer appears to be working fine.   Any thoughts on what I damaged when I left the door ajar for a day to bring on these tapping sounds? Many thanks!
  14. Samsung range/oven. Customer says it hums when the burners are used, and gets louder as it gets hotter.   From the diagrams found in the downloads section I am wondering if the transformer next to control board would do that? Part is back ordered, so wondering if I should order anything else along with it?   Thanks
  15. kenmore washer 110.26902691 clicks as it agitates in slow and medium speeds and clicks to the speed of the agitator each direction but seems to do ok in fast mode...
  16. The LSN2000PW1 washing machine stops mid cycle and does not restart. Instead it makes an electric sounding grinding noise every five minutes and the agitator tries to move back and forth. This noise and motion last about 20 seconds and then the washer sits stagnant until it happens again 5 minutes later. It is not the lid switch. The youtube link is to a video of the washing machine while making the noise.
  17. (note, i submitted this post yesterday, but for some reason it is not showing up) hello i have a GE hotpoint htr17bbs refrigerator.   there is no problem with maintaining the correct freezer and frig temps. the door gaskets appear fine. my concern is that it works too hard (cycling on often and for a long time, and somewhat loudly). i also vacuumed the condenser coils even though there was not that much build up.   one time i had left the freezer door ajar  for a few hours which of course caused the compressor and fans to run non stop and for ice to build up on the evaporator coils. could this have burned out a compressor winding? caused any other damage?   also the refrigerator is somewhat loud when it does operate.   is there a way to check "health" status of the frig? symptoms of a failing frig?   how long should the cooling cycle be on? how long should the off cycle be?   more info: according to the service manual, when the temperature setting dial is set to "5", the frig temp is supposed to be 33-39 F, and the freezer temp -2F. however, i have to set the dial to "7" ( a colder setting than 5) to get 36F and 0F, respectively. the dial merely controls a damper, so it appears that the compressor and/or condenser fan is not working efficiently as it should.
  18. This awful noise started happening shortly after I had  a service call done on a separate issue on the machine(shorted wire). Machine is 15 months old.   Quick video of the sound:     I took a quick look under the machine and the noise seems to be coming from around the motor pulley, and the motor was hot to touch.   Any ideas what the problem could be would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Frigidaire model: ffbd2407lm0b   Loud low pitched noise coming from dishwasher.  While running, if I place my hand on the steel portion of the motor - no change. While running, if I place my hand on the black plastic portion (behind the motor), the sound instantly stops.   I can probably rig something to stop the noise but am I just buying a little time before the motor goes?   What should I do?    
  20. I have a ge refrigerator model gss20ietaww that has started making a noise and the wife just noticed it.  Need I say more about that?    Anyway all joking aside, it sounds like a fan is having an issue and is the typical sound of something banging off a fan that is running.  Something like a tick-tick-tick sound.  I know I am not doing a very good job at describing it but I am hoping that someone will know what I am talking about and will know a better way of describing it if needed.   I just started this in the past couple days.  I don't know of any fans in that area and I have not noticed anything else giving a problem.   Anyone know where this sound could be coming from and how to fix?   Thanks for reading! Jim  
  21. Very violent banging when tumbling. I removed the front & back panel and "tested" the shocks and they seem intact. The spring suspension system  also seems intact. There is evidence of the tub having hit both sides of the cabinet, however I don't know if the marks are from this episode or damage from a previous time when both shocks were broken and the tub gyrated enough to smash the soap dispenser. I don't want to go through that repair again! I rotated the tub, from the back, by hand, and notice quite a loud clunking while the tub turned, I have attached a sound file of the clunking that I heard while a spun the tub. During the wash cycle, when this violent banging was first witnessed, I notice a heretofor unnoticed slight "squeak" as the tub spun...prior to the beginning of the banging. Thanks washer noise.mp3
  22. not sure if anyone has had this but customer recorded a grinding noise with his iPhone  while washer was in wash cycle i could not reproduce noise/problem anyone have any ideas?
  23. Unit is making considerable noise and the tub assembly is very loose.  You can grab the inner tub and move the entire assembly several inches in any direction.   Problem seems to have occurred very quickly.  Clothes are coming out of spin cycle very wet.
  24. Ours is a freezer-on-top model, and seems to be working fine, but…   I've noticed lately that whenever the compressor cycles off, it makes two loud thunks.   I don't know how long this has been going on, but I know it didn't used to do that.   I checked the fridge FAQ, but didn't find anything relevant. And the troubleshooting flowchart starts with "warm fridge," which isn't a problem.   I'm a do-it-yourselfer, but I'm guessing compressor replacement isn't something I can tackle on my own. How much would I likely pay (parts and labor) to get this fixed?
  25. It's been about 5 years since my SAV5710AWW has broken- every time I go in there I expect to see the dreaded seal leak but so far so good and no water.   Now it's developed a click click click during spin cycle.  The springs are original but not broken.  I don't see white shavings or anything else out of the ordinary.  All parts except the brake pads are original and ten years old.   There is a post from a few years ago on this dreaded model where Samurai said that if it sounded like a machine gun that it was the helix.   Thing is, I don't think that mine sounds like a machine gun.   Could you wise masters take a listen on this youtube video?  It's only 40 seconds.   The washer is empty in this video.   The cabinet is perfectly level side to side (but the front is a tiny tiny amount lower than the back)   I hope it's not the bearing- Oh how I hope it's not the bearing.