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  2. Miele dishwasher middle and lower spray arms have stopped working.  Arms have been cleaned, and spin freely.  Filters have also been cleaned.  Circulation pump was replaced about a year ago due to leakage.  It appears that water is not presently being supplied to the lower arms.  I saw an earlier discussion of a stuck Top Solo Valve causing a similar problem in a different Miele DW model.  I am trying to figure out whether this model has such a valve, or whether it is integrated into the circulation pump; and whether it can be unstuck or must be replaced.  Thanks in advance.
  3. This has probably been ask/answered before but I cant seem to find it. I have to replace the bearing seal kit (W10435302) Seeing if anyone has a nifty trick to get out a stubborn wash plate (W10077050) that refuses to come off, don't really want to cut it out if I don't have to. Thanks.
  4. Gtup240em1ww inner tub stuck on spindle. I managed to remove the tub nut by breaking it. The tub seems to be frozen on to the shaft coming through the bottom. There is a cogged thing formed on to the metal bottom of the tub. I've watched a couple videos and haven't seen anything like this. The spindle is square with rounded corners. The corners are threaded for the tub nut. The tub bottom looks like there is no wiggle room to get over the threads. It can't be threaded either as the cogged thing looks to be formed around the spindle. Is this thing just frozen on with rust and dirt or am I missing something? Please help. Thanks
  5. Lower washer arm doesn't move. Holes are clear and flow under a faucet. Hadn't seen one with a diverter motor yet so wondering how it works?
  6. This one is driving me crazy (er).  So I run diagnostics and I get heat at the final step (heated drying) - The element gets hot.  So I run a load (HD, Light any one) and NO HEAT from the element during WASH.  I replaced the combo Thermistor/Turbidity Sensor - No change.  Replace the Control Board - Still NO HEAT during WASH.  Run Diags again - Heat during DRY cycle. I am lost with this one, the customer hates me big time.  Here is the complete list of things I replaced in sequence - Thermistor/Turbidity Sensor (I got an open on the Thermistor portion) - Thermistor/Turbidity Sensor (Replaced Again - No change) - Control Board (Hail Mary) Any one experience this?  Could the Thermistor Part STILL be bad again?   Thanks in advance,  -henry
  7. With lid closed, only rinse and spin cycles run OK.  Won't start with dial any other position.   thanks.
  8. Started my G868  on Normal cycle at night and it was still running the next morning. The cycle knob was stuck (apparently) on the interim rinse cycle. Opened it up to find lots of hot water circulating around as it normally would.  First problem Ive had with the unit in 17 yrs.
  9. I'm try to separate the tub from the shell so I can install new bearings. I've used PB Blaster and a heavy sledge with a piece of wood. I can not get it to budge. Ant help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi.  The securing tabs have failed on the grommet that makes the seal between the upper wash arm and the rear water inlet, and it keeps falling off.  I'd like to buy just the grommet, but it looks like it is only available with the entire upper wash arm.  Is that correct?  I really don't want to pay ~$65 for that grommet!   Cheers, Gary Looks like this part might also be called the tube gasket.
  11. Great info from brother Budget! Thanks Brother!!! Source: Whirlpool GWS Dishwasher GU3600XTVQ1 pump hose slipped off sump
  12. Frigidaire GLET1142FSO - minor leak during fill at Wash and Rinse. Likely clamp on fill hose?  Have exploded diagram - what is sequence of removal for access to laundry tub and pumps?
  13. Hi all, we have an older Jenn-Air S161 convention electric.  Out of the blue, one of the modules (rear on the left hand cartridge) is hot and won't turn off.  The knob turns fine.  The indicator light works, and turns on when the knob is turned to the normal on position, and extinguishes when the knob is turned to the "off" position.     My first instinct would just be to replace that switch; however I don't see that as a part on the schematic over at  Is this worth troubleshooting?  The thing is probably 25 years old.  The modules are beat and could probably use replacing,  The bottom kick panel keeps falling open and crushing toes.  I don't want to give up on it just for the sake of it, but I don't want to pour a lot of money in it either.  For now I can just pull the module to keep the house from burning down, but need to fix it sooner or later.     Thanks.... Bucky
  14. Dishwasher was working normally.  Then would not start.  When press Normal Wash, the light would blink 150 x per minute continuously. The cancel button would work and cancel the blinking.  The only other button that would work is the Sani Wash button.  It would remain on constantly for about 1 minute and then the light would go out.  All other buttons would not work, and none of the buttons would allow the dishwasher to start. I tried to get into the Diagnostic Mode by toggling between Heated Dry - Normal 4x over 5 seconds.  I also tried several other combinations of buttons to get into the Diagnostic Mode but was unsuccessful. The Control Panel Lock light was not on.  I tried to turn the Lock on and off and was unsuccessful I tried to turn the Power off at the fuse box for 20 min and this did not help I Checked the door switches.  They worked easily and clicked normally.  The was no short when they were engaged - I checked this with an ohmmeter I visually inspected the electronic control board and found no burn marks. Humbly submitted by one grasshopper
  15. The timer knob when pushed in to select the wash cycle does not turn the timer knob bezel (wash cycle knob).  One has to manually turn the wash cycle knob to select the desired cycle.  I've replaced the timer knob and timer knob bezel, both had cracks which appears to be the result of pushing into to hard to engage the wash cycle.  In addition, I cannot remove the timer knob or bezel without having to access the timer shaft and holding the shaft and then spin off the knobs.   My next move is a new timer.  Any suggestions?   Thank you.   Paul
  16. not sure if anyone has had this but customer recorded a grinding noise with his iPhone  while washer was in wash cycle i could not reproduce noise/problem anyone have any ideas?
  17. Greetings, newbie here   Our HE washing machine doesn't go into the wash cycle, fills with water and pauses and fills more water and pauses, then goes to spin cycle but doesn't spin. Please HELP!!!!     Kenmore mod. # 110.21302010   Thank you!!!   Woodtick51
  18. This Frigidaire DW runs a cycle fine then at the end the clean green led stays lit and you can't do anything.  If power is turned off and then back on, the dishwasher works fine for the next cycle but then does the same thing again, sticking on clean. I found the thermostat open on the base of the dishwasher.  I think it is for the heater but I'm wondering if it is bad could it cause this.  I can't find the papers that are supposed to be with it.  Anybody have any experience with this problem?  Like I said the DW works fine if it's reset after every load by turning off the breaker.   Thanks for any help   Doc
  19. My WFW9200SQ02 has been making noise during the wash cycle for 6 mo, and its starting to get bad enough that its not just slightly annoying anymore, I am worried something is ready to fail.  I can rock the drum in any direction pushing from the inside and get no noises.  I can rotate the drum by hand and it is quiet and smooth.  But every wash cycle (drum turning slowly) we hear the knock/squeak/grinding noise.  There is no rhythm to the sound but it is quite constant when ever the drum is turning slow.  As soon as a spin cycle starts and the drum is turning a bit faster than the wash speed the sound completely stops.  Any advice is appreciated, we have twin girls (9 mo) and life without a washer is worse than 1000 deaths.  Thanks,
  20. I am not sure I can repair this myself, but I am willing to try before calling in the repairman.   Washer drains (but not all the way) after the first fill in the wash. Then it stops and you get beeps and flashing lights( lights flashing= whatever wash time you set it to when you started, as well as the Hot and Cold temp lights).    When you put the machine into diagnostic mode you get a fault code of 6 (4+2).    I think it might be a diverter issue, since I think after the first wash light goes off it should recirculate the water (right?) instead of draining it.
  21. I had this Bosch Dishwasher today.  Customer had re-installed it after a kitchen remodel and now she leaks out the corners of the door.  I ran through all the usual suspects, leveled it, checked the seals.  I dried the door and frame and ran it until the drip started and opened the door to see where it was wet.  It was wet across the top of the door.  Checked the spray arms and it appears there should be three on this model.  The SM refers to an overhead spray but I don't see it in the parts list. Only the lower and middle (under the upper rack)  It sure looks to me like something is missing/broken up top and spraying directly at the door.  Anyone familiar with this model?    Thanks!
  22. client complains that her washer washes for aprox 4-5 min then continues on to rinse cycle for aprox 1 hr or more .. spins out good and shuts down ... not getting clothes clean  ...doesnt matter what temp settings or cycle setting    any ideas
  23. Dear Honorable  Samurai and Master Appliantologists,   I find myself needing a new washing machine. My front load Bosch POS washer is dying a slow death, which is good because I really don't like it, never have. I am looking for a big a$$ washer that fills up and uses a ship load of water to really wash my clothes, or even one that uses a normal amount of water. I am just not good with the washers that use the same amount of water that I put in a squirt gun. My biggest problem is I rescue dogs, and use a ship load of hospital bed pads to potty train or line thier bedding. So, I got a whole lot of pissyness that needs cleaning. I have even considered a commercial washer.  I do not want to spend more than 1K  but will if there is something out there you think will work for me. Any help is greatly appricated. Lowly grasshopper Joani  
  24. My GE PDWT580P00SS dishwasher was not cleaning on the bottom.  I determined that the bottom and middle spray arms were not turning.  I removed them both and cleaned them out and they appeared to be turning after that, but now the bottom is not turning again. I checked to make sure water was coming to the bottom by placing a solo cup over the bottom center to see if it got blown off or not.  It did. I noticed that the bottom arm seems to fit loose.  Any ideas would be appreciated.   Thanks!
  25.   This dryer was only used a few times and then sat for 2 years. The gas valve just vibrates when it's supposed to open. Can these gas valves be opened up and serviced? I wouldn't bother with it but this dryer is in brand new condition, dry no water damage. I did try new coils by the way.   Sorry, model #LGQ9858PW0 Gas valve part #8318277, Substitute #W10337269