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  1.   This dishwasher keeps giving i20 codes moer and more frequently.  The interface, rear control panel and drain pump have all been replaced.  Once a part was relpaced, it worked ok for a little while, but soon started giving the code again.  Frigidaire says the code means the unit isn't draining, but it drains completely and quickly.  Any other ideas what could cause this code?    
  2. So my Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher (model #GLDB957AB2) has been acting up lately. It's has started clicking and the LEDs dim in time which means there's a current draw or power issue. I had an awful time reproducing it as the machine will run through its test cycles forever without any trouble. However, about 1/2 way into a normal washing routine, it starts clicking. Open the door for 5 minutes and the problem goes away for a bit. Leave the machine alone, and it starts clicking more frequently and eventually shuts itself off for a few minutes (power interuption mode) and restarts 90s later. I disassembled it and it appears to be a 120v/20A relay on the electronics board behind behind the front cover. Below is a video: Warming the relay with a hot-air gun made it click much more frequently; blowing cool air across it stopped the clicking completely. So, assuming I can order/pickup a single $1 relay locally, it looks like this will be a quick 5 minute fix with the soldering iron. The other possibility is a major power draw downstream, i.e. the pump or heating element but I hope not. I'd be interested in hearing everyone else's opinion. Inopportune timing on this as I have guests arriving for a week on Sunday. I have a used, commercial dishwasher waiting in the shed but wanted to wait until I reno the kitchen done before I install it as it requires some plumbing revisions and 240v/30A wiring.