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GE Sidebyside Profile Performance TFX27PP

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I have a GE Profile Performance model number TFX27PP (or 25PP) not sure.

Problem started last week, temperature in the freezer does not reach below 32 F. I keep watr bottles in the freezer and they are VERY cold but do not freeze.

The whole back part of the freezer is frozen over shut (when I defrosted it by turing it off for 5 hours there were special sits about 1/8 inch thick on the back of the freezer (inside) and they freeze over quickly.

The refrigirator part does not cool enough. I have it set at 9 (coldest) and the vent is open wide but nothing hardly comes out of it.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

The fridge is about 4 years old ( was installed when the house was built.)

Please answer here or email me at  my nick is ngtx for email. (sorry spam problem)



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