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Alden Miller

Magic Chef F1 Code

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First, great site! Thanks for hosting it!!

My Magic Chef stove woke us up in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago beeping like an alarm clock. When I went down to look at it the display had F1 on it. Couldn't get it to go away (stay away that is) by pressing the stop/cancel button. I ended up turning the power and gas off to it.

I couldn't sleep after that so I searched the web and found a similar post on this site. I tried what it suggested, disconnected the small circuit board (three wires, behind clock). There are two boards, this was the smaller board that is closer to the inside of the stove.

This worked, the beeping and alarm stopped. Now I'd like to know what part this is so I can replace it. I tried entering my model number S 648 4TKXW (without the spaces) on the search function but it can't find that model. It's a Magic Chef Gas Stove, about 15 years old.

Any suggestions on a part?

Thanks! -Alden

Oh yeah, I'll be away from computers until Thursday but I'll check back then.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Hello, my beeping friend.  I suggest that your check your sensor in accordance with our most dear and gracious leader's enlightening tome on the topic.  Should the sensor proves good, then the problem is most likely the membrane switch.

As for the model number, I can only suggest that you review the Samurai's Ten Commandments for Reading Model Numbers

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Moostafa, thanks for the reply!

I did as you suggested and tested the sensor. It reads 1100 ohms at 75 degrees. Looks like it is the memberane.

Since I was digging around I reread the model number. Apparently when I am calling out numbers and letters my "H" sounded like an "8". I believe that with this transcription problem resolved I will be able to find my parts.

Thanks again!


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