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Manitowoc Ice maker

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Peace, O great one. 

The Boy Scouts have leaned upon me heavily to fix their $40.00 ice maker which is somewhat outside of my comfort zone of satellites and electro-mechanical stuff.   According to their description it completes the first cycle and then awaits unplugging to begin another cycle.  They are not impressed with the idea of putting the machine on a timer which may solve their problem cheaply.  They were told by some unknown that the circuit board may be bad but that sounds like an expensive catch-all that anyone could throw out.  It sounds more like a bad sensor that latches the board or a symptom of a more serious problem that simply times out by the time they discover it hasn't cycled.

The unit is a Manitowoc QD0202A  Ser. 980360512  using 404A 500psi Hi 250 lo.

I need a guess as to where to begin searching when I see this critter so I don't spend 6 hours educating myself on something I'll never see again.  Worse yet, scratching my head and saying "it's beyond me."

Thanks for any insight you can lend to this tiny grasshopper.




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Thanks,   I'll look for the sensors in my spare time.   I guess I'll need to take a book with me and watch it thru a  few cycles.  I'll bet if I spray the sensors with water I can trick them... Just thinking.   Thanks again.


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