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F7 long after I'm done using over

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I have a 5-year old Thermador convection double wall oven, MN: SCD272TS, SN: 99070255.

Here is the problem/scenario...

  • I turn off the upper oven after I finish using it (I never use the lower)
    It bakes my goodies just fine
    Perhaps 30 to 45 minutes after shut-down, it will beep like someone is standing there pressing buttons. At first, just one beep every second or so. Then it will beep it's annoying beep on and off constantly while throwing an F7.

I have already replaced the clock/erc but this still occurs fairly regularly. I have found that it won't happen if I leave the over door opened a few inches to vent out the hot air. If I don't vent, the touch panel gets very hot.

Other stuff:

  • I bought a thermometer for the inside that attaches to the rack. My temps are a bit off, inside temp is usually 20 degrees higher than what I have punched into the digital display.
    In my opinion, there should be a fan used to vent out the upper control area by using a friggin limit switch.

Please share any thoughts you feel may help me out of this.


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