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Kenmore washing machine leaking

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HI.  I have a Kenmore Heavy Duty 80 Series extra capacity washing machine, model 110.92380200.  For the past 4 to 5 months, it has begin leaking some water during each wash.  This isn't a ton of water, maybe a quart to two from what I can see on the floor after each wash.  I don't think it happens during the first half of the wash, it seems like it happens at some point during the spin and rinse.  Other than that, except for a timer issue during the heavy duty cycle (stops between wash & rinse, only finishes if you open and shut the lid and reset it), it seems to work fine.  I do have pets, and am wondering if something is jammed up with pet hair.  I have a friend coming to look at it in the next week - any suggestions or ideas on what the problem could be?  And does anyone know where I can get a PDF of some sort of manual/ diagram of it's innards?


Thanks!!  :)


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Can post pics of the insides but would need to know which area.  The water pump could be leaking but would do this most of the time, not during the rinse/spin usually.  Check the pump to see if it is leaking and also make sure your house drain in not over flowing during the drain cycle.  If your washer will not spin till you open/close the lid in one cycle see if the timer has lost the "pause" needed to reset the transmission for spin.  Your opening/closing of the lid is taking place of this built in timer pause.

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