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No Water or Ice - GE TFX24RG Fridge

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I've got a GE TFX24RG side by side fridge, unknown age, it was in the house when I bought it a year ago. The Icemaker has no ice in it (lever is flipped to on) and there is no water at the dispenser. I've finally decided to try and fix it. The instructions on the door said to hold the dispenser lever in for 2 minutes to get all the air out of the line. After a minute or so, water appeared on the floor beneath the fridge. I rolled it out, and it is leaking somewhere around the valve at the base of the fridge, but I can't really see where. No water ever makes it to the dispenser, and the ice maker is completely empty as well. I think the prior owners used the dispenser without a water softener ( we are on a well with very hard water, and water softener is now installed) - could the plastic line be plugged?

So, water is making it to the fridge - any ideas on how to start debugging this? Thanks in advance, Sean.

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   A good place to start debugging this would be pull out the fridge.  Then pull the cardboard off the back of the fridge.    You can even unmount the valve but leave the wires and hoses connected and pull it out behind the fridge so you can see everything.  Then look for the leak, you will be able to.

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