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Fisher & Paykel DS603 (AUS)

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With the wiring harness the connects the removable draw to the chassis of the unit I accidently plugged it in up-side-down (yes it plugs in both orientations!!).

It tripped the RCD in my switchboard thats how I realised.

But not with it plugged in corretly theres no display.

All that seems to work is the heater/drrier element in the bottom gets hot when its plugged in.

Is there a fuse to protect against this sort of thing or is the circuit board fried???

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Today I removed the front panel to check the main PCB.

It has blown what looks like a 3 term regulator.

There is another one next to it which reads:

[align=left] BN



I dont know if its repairable, as it has slightly damaged (plastic coating is flaky near the regualtor) the tracks of the PCB.

Altough they do test fine on an OHM meter.

So my question is does anyone have a rough price for what a new PCB is worth?

We purchased the unit second hand for $300 AU

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Crap appliance my friend, I dont & all my mates dont touch them, F&P dont give out technical advice & they charge about $100 to come & check them.......... U can try to contact B&W Timers in Sydney as they rebuild the boards..........GOOD LUCK :?

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