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Amana Refrigerator with Ice problem on Evaporator

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Amana Refrigerator Model TZ23QE, Mfg No. P1114904WE

My refrigerator doesn't want to self-defrost properly. About a week ago, I noticed both the freezer and refrigerator were getting less and less cold. Looked at the rear wall in the freezer and noticed ice buildup about 1/4 thick. So I took off the back panel and found ice everywhere all over the evaporator coils and surrounding area. I manually de-iced that area, put everything back together, and all was good again - for the last five to six days. Today, the cooling problem has started to return and I spotted new ice forming on the rear panel.

Initially, I thought it came from the freezer door being left partially open a couple days earlier for a period of a few hours (this was the first time). Now that the same problem has returned, I'm thinking it is much more.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

one or more components in your automatic defrost circuit has failed(timer,defrost heater,termination switch)                                        :(

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