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What are your opinions on GE, Monogram appliances

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6 replies to this topic

#1 longtimer



  • Appliantologist
  • PipPip
  • 67 posts

Posted 30 January 2007 - 03:57 AM

I thought I would start several threads on your opinions on certain manufacturers, starting with the GE family of appliances. Please keep comments specific and relevent to either product/ parts / support / or impression.  Keep in mind that there are only several manufacturers in this field ( GE, WHIRLPOOL, FRIGIDAIRE, LG, BOSCH, MIELE, DACROR, SUB ZERO (INCL. WOLF), DCS, FISHER & PAYKEL, CAPITAL, AND ECT) SO FLAMING ALL OF THEM IS NOT HELPFUL.

only GE comments, we will get to others later!

I will start (staying with GE only).

Their Laundry was not a favorite of mine, but I have  come to terms with it and it seems to be getting better,  The new laundry has been much more reliable than the past.

Ranges are easy,  they are popular and reliable  and we like them with the exception they could use some updating on appearance

REFRIGERATORS - lots and lots of model to chose from, the bottom freezer refrigs made by LG seem to be doing well (quiet and reliable) and sxs to many models cannot keep track of.
top mounts had some issues with frost build up in freezer but that appears to be gone now!
hardware good, fit and finish good, easy to work on

dishwashers, again we kind of lost touch with them due to that lousey wd26x77 pump that went bad like clockwork, but that has been changed a while ago and the units seem to be quieter. no longer have to change the pump at 5 years to the day.

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#2 Lurker_paulh_*

  • Lurking at the Threshold

Posted 04 February 2007 - 10:25 AM

OK, it's been a week now and obviously no-one gives a sh!t about GE so pick another one.

#3 longtimer



  • Appliantologist
  • PipPip
  • 67 posts

Posted 04 February 2007 - 12:14 PM

OK then,  posted many more but not all, I did not want to take over site with just 1 topic.....but we will get to the rest soon

Frigidaire / Icon

Fisher Paykel / DCS







any other suggestions?

#4 Scottthewolf



  • Appliantology Fellow
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  • 3,031 posts
  • Location: USA
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Posted 04 February 2007 - 07:40 PM

We stopped selling GE appliances because of the big problems GE has with the control boards in their refrigerators. But we continue to be an authorized GE repair center because GE has no factory service in our area.
Scott Wolf

#5 That Guy

That Guy


  • Appliantologist
  • PipPipPip
  • 226 posts
  • Location: USA

Posted 04 February 2007 - 08:45 PM

If I start telling you my opinion on GE appliances, you will hear almost nothing but negative comments. Short version...GE sucks.

#6 CougarJeff



  • Grasshoppah
  • Pip
  • 4 posts

Posted 17 March 2007 - 07:36 AM

As a consumer who has had GE appliances for several years, I would have to agree with the above.  I'll might buy another GE refridgerator or dryer, but I will never buy another GE washer. 

#7 WayneSB



  • Grasshoppah
  • PipPip
  • 39 posts

Posted 16 June 2007 - 02:27 PM

I just recently got rid of a GE washer (wdsr2080) and it wasn't bad. I only used it for a year (it was just something to get us by until we could afford better). It washed pretty well and never went out of balance, but they bored the holes in the drum like a cheese grater. I cut my knuckles more on that stupid thing than I actually washed clothes. It was a major pain (literally)

Most of what I hear from my service techs is that GE cooking products really hold up. I also tend to read up on things at places like epinions.com and even the evil spawn that is Consumer Reports says that GE cooking products are reliable. If all three sources are saying it, then it must be true. Because of this, I sell a lot of GE ranges and microwaves.

The other thing I like about selling GE (mind you, I rarely repair them myself) is that when we DO have a problem, GE has been very good about taking care of it. Our state has one of those implied warranty laws, which is great for the consumer, but royally screws us over because the law holds the dealer as responsible as the manufacturer for making a faulty machine. Because GE has been so easy to work with, we push it to the moon. After all, every time our company has to eat the cost of repairs on a Whirlpool range or a Frigidaire dishwasher, it is bad for the company. GE helps us.

On a related note, I hate Whirlpool for their lack of support when we have problems, warrantied or not.

As for GE dishwashers... I hear they are getting better, but I'm not a big fan. Feature for feature, they seem overpriced to me. When I can get a Bosch or a Kitchenaid with similar features for less and they're no worse from what I hear, I'm not going to sell much GE.

I just wish that GE didn't source out so many of its products to LG. That makes me nervous. I also wish that they made the Monogram ranges. I've heard they're DCS ranges. I feel more confident selling GE ranges due to their low failure rate.

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