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I'm sure your tired of hearing about the Maytag Neptune I now I would be.  I bought this from someone else and it would appear I've bought a problem.  I saw Maytag and thought is was a good buy and not till after did I start reading about the problems.  Really feel bad about this.

What I need to know is this  It would appear I have a problem with water tempature contole you set it on warm/warm and get hot/cold. On the first spin the water comes in and when the washer is about to go to spin it shuts down.  I've cleaned the mold up and keep the water from standing in the rubber part also I leave the door open.  There still is a slight order but better then it was. 

I really can't get ride of this washer at this time and wanted to ask if you know what might be going wrong with it.  What your suggestion would be as far as what may need replacement.

I have no info on this machine as far as parts list and have not been able to find one on the net.  Being that I bought it used I'm sure Maytag will not help.

Hope you can help



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Thank you for the help.  Just wanted to ask if you new what year this washer was?  I check threw the webpages and They were helpful.

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