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juuuust recvd my whirlpool washer repair manual!

but somethin's been bothering me since i ordered it... honorable samurai, you ARE affiliated with & they ARE the outfit you prefer we purchase goods from correct?


if so, why arent there any cool SARM magnets or stickers included with the nice set bonussed in the packet with my manual?!?



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Heyyyy...  you mean they left 'em out again?  :shock:

Awwite, looks like Homey hasta ride on over there and kick some appliance butt.  :armed:

Who's with me?

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i am! now we only need 5 more!

and here they are...


seriously, you guys have SOME sort of arrangement (even if its only who gets to stand under the showerhead 1st

:evil: ) youre steering customers their way, incl a lil promo material with your moniker title & rank doesnt sound unreasonable

not for nothing, i whole-heartedly believe in & appreciate what you & sites like do & ill do all i can to support you guys, continue walkin the path i knew was the right one all along & encourage others to do so as well

ps: i had the nerve to complain to repairclinic about their paper stickers (vinyl better for appliances) & asked 'em for more magnets - am i bad. i did make sure to put one on the washer im either gonna sell or donate tho.

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