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Oh what a tangled web I've weaved...


My poor Mother's washing machine stopped working and thanks to the excellent advice contained on this website I was able to replace the broken drive coupler.

The machine appears to function normally now, but I noticed a 'burning rubber' type smell.  I dismissed this as just the new coupler "working itself in" and left, but after a few loads my alarmed Mother called me up saying the machine was smoking heavily.

I checked the coupler, and it's fine.  No sign of any wear or damage.

Now, the two plastic coupling parts don't slide completely over their respective shafts (close though).  I gently hammered a bit on them but didn't want to break them.  Perhaps I need to hammer harder or perhaps I damaged another part (i.e. shouldn't have hammered at all!)?


Prior to finding this site and joining the forums as flying-tree-turtle, I was bull-in-china-shop.  In trying to diagnose the agitator, I busted it.  The base of the agitator has two plastic tabs on its top where the auger assembly (?) snaps into.  These broke off.  After fixing the coupler, I was able to position everything back into place, but now of course the top part of the agitator floats off and wobbles when the tub fills up with water.  I don't think this would cause the smoking however.


It always happens in threes.   Initially I took the machine apart the wrong way, taking the back off.  Somewhere in between this, breaking the agitator, repairing the coupler, and putting the whole damn thing back together I wound up with a couple of "extra parts".  They look harmless enough...  Good thing I'm not a surgeon or I'd probably be connecting foot bones to thigh bones. 



- the machine was off-balance during the burning smell and smoke.

- the machine was pretty dirty and poor Mom has some serious hard water problems. We cleaned what we could before putting it back together.

- the shaft on the motor is difficult to rotate manually

- not featured in the attached picture is a piece of thin cardboard (shaped like that metal thinger with the rubber mounts on it that the motor fits into).  I'm not sure from where this stray tumbleweed blew in, but I saw someone else mention it so thought I should too, for completeness.

I humbly hang my head in shame and submit myself to your mercy in the hopes of finding some much needed assistance.  Thank you in advance.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

problem 1----  when replacing the coupler only seat the coupler till it is flush with the end of the motor shaft( same with tranny side) this will keep everything lined up properly

problem2----the model # you posted didn't show to be good nor any combo of #'s either so I couldnt find a diagram of which agitator you have, but you should have a bolt that holds the agitator down screwed into the top of the tranny shaft.  sounds like the 2 plastic tabs are the ones on the bottom part that locks the cam (that holds the dogs)down

problem 3 -----the best I can tell the 2 parts you have left over are a spring that looks broken or rusted into (look at the pic. and notice in the bottom left you can barely see it through the frame asssembly in the back), should be about 8 inches long and hooks to the back of the tub (frame) and the bottom. this keeps the tub from leaning forward.  The white plastic piece looks to be the wire holder toward the top of the machine also holds the rubber hose going th the water level

hope this helps....

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Thank you for your reply. 

I've fixed the coupler such that it is flush with the motor shaft (same for tranny side). Now after the tub fills up and it goes into the wash cycle up, the machine makes a loud constant noise (hard to describe!) that seems to be coming from the motor area.  It's hard to pinpoint with the cabinet on.  I've heard there is a way to run the machine with the cabinet off but cannot find instructions on doing so.

Also, the agitator doesn't seem to turn much anymore when I rotate the coupler manually (transmission side of course).  If I remember correctly, it used to, but I've been working on this machine for a couple weeks now and might be losing my sanity.  :?  Could I have disengaged something when I was reefing away on the agitator base trying to get it off? 

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the machine will run no prob. with the cabinet off, as the lid switch doesn't need to be engaged to get it to spin you will need to make a jumper wire and jump out the plug under the head (3 prong) outside to outside.....

I have seen the agitator splins get eaten up before albeit a rareity..take the agitator back out and run the machine with it off and see if the tranny is agitating good, this might even take care of the noise you are hearing.  Plastic against metal will sound bad but for alittle while  

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