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Maytag MAV6057AWW noise and now no brake...

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Hello, My machine (a 2000 Maytag MAV6057AWW top load) started making noises during the agitate stage a few weeks ago. They sounded like rocks in the pump. The noise was most of the time, but there were short times that it did not make noise. And only during the agitate stage.

Then it started making noise during the spin cycle. A diferrent noise. A squealing noise. Now there is not as much noise during agitation and during the spin. But I noticed that the drum does not brake when the lid is opened. You can also spin the drum by hand easily.

During the spin cycle, the pump pumps the water out and the drum starts to spin only after the water is pumped out and the drum is lighter.

Any ideas what this could be? And what parts need replacing?

Thanks for everyones time.



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We'll since it was still draining and eventually spinning. I just tried to do a small load of my kids clothes...

...not so much noise and now it does not spins at all anymore. The pump drains the water out and it makes the noise like it's going to spin, but it doesn't spin.

The tub also does not turn when you try to spin it by hand...

Any ideas??

Thanks again.


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Now it's back to spinning freely no brake. Won't spin until water is completely pumped out.

Is there any help out there??

Let me know what you think Thanks.

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The slow spin when the tub is full of water is normal due to the weight and drag created from the water. Once the water drains below the inner tub the speed picks up.

As for the noise follow your ears to the source. Possible item caught in pump or it is common for the bearing race to fall out & create constant noise. Keep in mind the pump is turning durning both wash and spin cycles.

The spinning with no brake can be caused by a worn thrust bearing on the transmission pulley. This pulley releases the brake in the spin cycle. Verify from underneath that the pulley is dropping down freely after you turn it manually clockwise. Here is a look at the repair kit.

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