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Kenmore fills then hums

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This started yesterday and I've had some time to experiment and test a few items.  So here we go:

Washer filled and then just started humming.  Turned it off and on a couple of times (just hummed) and then finally emptied it (clothes and water).

I took off the motor switch and tested - It was a little scorched inside but seemed to test OK.

Put it all back together and tried again.  It filled and agitated.  I stopped it and tired to start it again.  It hummed.  I moved it to spin and it spun and drained (thank goodness).

Repeated the process, only this time it hummed for spin cycle as well.  After turning off/on a couple of times spin finally worked and I drained it.

It was then that I turned to the Internet and found your site.  I removed and tested the motor (all readings are as expected).  I tested the capacitor and it tested fine as well (infinity readings both 'directions').  I checked the motor couplings.  There's some wear (dust), but the holes are only slightly worn.  The white plastic parts wach have all three prongs and are not rounded.

So, I don't think it's the pump, motor, capacitor, or coupling.  It can't be the lid switch, 'cause the motor hums like it's trying to start but can't move.  It really doesn't sound like the motor is 'free spinning'.

Is there anything else I can check that could be the problem?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Some kind of start winding issue, either the motor switch or a connection. You need to check if voltage is getting to the start winding when its supposed to. Also, try running it with the motor disconnected from the transmission, although I don't think that's the issue here.

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Hello, my humming friend.  You stated that the pump is good and, indeed, it may be.  But have you run the washer with the pump removed from the motor shaft?  The logical progression from there would be to remove the motor from it's mount in the chassis and run the washer with the motor mechanically, but not electrically, separated.  Do this and Allah shall bless you with the sacred beverage of Islam: cheap vodka and semen of yak. 

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