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Replaced Parts on Maytag Oven - Still Not Heating Right

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Hoping that maybe someone can help me out here.


I have a Maytag Oven (Model - CRE8600ACW) that is giving me fits.  I recently replaced the bake element due to the fact that it started sparking.  All was well for about 3 months and then we noticed that the oven wasn't heating correctly.  Suddenly 20 minutes at 400 degree turned into 35 minutes at 475 degrees to cook food.

I visited a local service center and purchased the sensor unit which is inside of the oven and then fired up the oven to cook me some lunch.  To my surprise after 20 minutes at 400 degrees my chicken patties were still cold.

Anyone have any ideas?  The local service center offered to sell me a new oven but I can't think that this is the best solution to the problem.  I can't find a service manual or the owners manual (came with the house).  I've read about calibrating the sensor but they all say to check the owners manual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like be able to sit down after 20 minutes of cooking and actually eat.

Thanks in advance.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Probably will need the .elctronic board also, or the wires to the sensor are not making good connections

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