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O'Keefe and Merritt Oven Malfunction

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We recently moved our O'keefe and Merritt range (model #5050) in order to refloor. Moving it only involved sliding it forward and back a few times. Since we returned it to its original location and relit all of the pilots, the oven and separate broiler won't ignite. The burners are working fine. I read the thread about the timer causing problems, but the timer only works on the oven, not the broiler and we've never used the timer; in fact the range has never been plugged in except to see if anything electrical worked.I tried boosting the heat put out by the pilot by using a handheld lighter stick; this didn't help.I also read about a reset switch that may need to be pressed after moving, etc. but this model doesn't seem to have one. I looked everywhere under the hood. The pilot lights are good to go, but when the oven is turned on you don't hear any sound of gas feeding through.Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

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