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GE washer agitator dysfunction agitating

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Need help, just inherited this old space saver washer/dryer and the agitator does not spin.  I took off the cap and was able to pull the plastic agitator off of the transmission post.  Don't know the name of this part, but there is a metal piece that fits on the transmission shaft which grips the inside of the plastic agitator.  It has a star pattern which allows it to fit snuggly against the sides of the plastic agitator.  This metal star shaped piece however is spinning freely on the transmission post.  The transmission post is turning back and forth when the washer is on, but the star shaped metal sleeve is spinning freely, hence the agitator also spins freely.  I took the star shaped sleeve off of the post and it has a grey cement looking material in it, which is also all over the post. 

So after all that, my question is,  how does this star shaped sleeve which basically connects the transmission post (which appears to be working properly) to the plastic agitator, attach to the post.

The screw on top does not screw down all the way to make the sleeve snug.  Is that grey material some sort of glue that gave way or is it a lubricant and there is some other way of securing this sleeve to the post so that the agitator will move back and forth.  Appreciate the help!

Thank you,


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

That's the agitator coupler.  Various illustrated pearls of wisdom on this page about that.

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