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Maytag #DG303 gas Dryer DOA

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I do not know where to go from here. Maytag gas dryer model DG303 started off my not lighting gas. Replaced ceramic ignitor, dryer turns fine but would not ignite. Replaced coils on top of gas valve, nothing still. Tested continuity with electrical tester the sensors, high temp, flame etc, all tested as ok, showed no resistance when tested. Dryer still turns but will not ignite. I am at a loss for what to do next. I got $45 in parts already and would like suggestions on what to do next.

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From Bob Sanke:

First of all, be sure there is 120 volts getting to the burner assy.

If not, look at the thermal fuse.

Ok, assuming you do have voltage to the burner, is the ceramic igniter glowing orange?

You have two new coils installed so lets rule them out.

Now pull the plug for this.....

Find the 2 wires leading to your radiant sensor

(that squareish thing thats setting to the left of your burner tube)

It has a 1/2 by 1.25 inch glass piece to help you find it.

Disconnect the two wires there, and then attach them together away from any ground (isolate it)

Now plug everything back in and start the machine.

let the igniter glow nice n orange......

Now disconnect those two wires.........

Does it light?

If it does you need a new radiant sensor

Bob Sankie

Coastal Appliance, Heating & Air

San Diegos North County

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