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Metal Materials Managing to Manipulate My Maytag

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My Maytag Model MAV7600AWW a Marvelous Machine.

Possible Problem Put Politically.

One Ominous Oversight by Overseers and Other Overpaid Operatives?

Primarily, Pump not Producing!

Drastically trying to Drain Dirty Detergent and Disgusting Dishwater.

Belt Basically Bothered, not Broken, But won’t Budge.

Periodically Pump not Producing.

Pieces & Particles Plague my Pump.

Kids Kindly or Kiddingly Keep Krap.

Plenty of Pockets Plump for Picking.

Wiggling With Wash Water.

Dislodged with Detergent & Dirt.

Following Feverously the Flow.

First a Fine, Feminine Fishbone Fancy.

Found Fixing Fricken machine!

Second a Staple Seemingly Stuck in Shorts.

Found Fixing Fricken machine!

Behind By a Barrage of BBs.

Found Fixing Fricken machine!

Tried Tricking The Trickster.

Slipped Slice of Screening; In Ingress, Ingenious?

Silly SOB! Stupid Stunt!

Found Fixing Fricken machine!


Possible Problem with P.O.S. Plastic Pump!!!


In short, is there a way to keep krap out of the pump so the pump won’t seize up?

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