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Frigidaire UltraQuiet Dishwasher Problem

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Hi Everyone,

New to the forum but it sure looks like a great place!

My machine is a Frigidaire Ultra Quiet Dishwasher (likely Canadian model) Mod# FDQ1000WW1, Ser# TH33572246,

The problem: The machine will start out its normal cycle by filling with water and then, instead of washing the dishes first, the motor turns in the drain direction. It will only drain for a few seconds before stopping, topping up with water again, and then drain direction again. It might do this 3 or 4 times before just quitting altogether.

If I manually drain the water out and start the cycle again, then the motor may finally turn the correct way and go all the way through the rest of the cycle properly and as well, may do it for 2 or 3 washes especially if they are all done in one day.

Seems like a circuit/relay problem but I would appreciate any feedback. It already sounds like an expensive problem - YIKES

Thanks in advance!!!

DoitMyselfGuy :rocker:


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