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MagicChef Gas Oven Temperature Problem

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Hi! I've got a MagicChef gas free-standing oven/range. Model #3488VVV, serial #35180365QY. It's about 9 years old.

Problem we're having is with the oven - the temperature does not stay consistent. When heating up, it takes way longer than it used to, and seems to fluctuate up and down as it is heating. And once it reaches the desire temp, it will not stay there. :X Temp will fall 5-10 degrees, or more sometimes, then heat up again, then fall. I suspect either the thermostat or sensor.

Wondering if anyone has an opinion (or similar experience) out there as to which I should attempt to replace first. Haven't really done much appliance repair before, but I am certainly up to it with the right instructions and diagrams.

Thanks in advance!!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

This is one of the easiest repairs in the appliance repair kingdom. The worst thing you'll run into is rusted mounting screws on the ignitor.

The how-to of this job is all done by inspection. You have to mount the new ignitor on the burner tube and wire it in. Follow the wires down to the gas valve and you'll see where they go.

Use the Maytag ignitor kit-- it has everything you need and, surprisingly, it turns out it's a consistenly good ignitor, too.

This is an easy job-- don't make it hard.

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Thanks again Samurai-san. I finally got around to looking into making the repair (it's been so hot here in Toronto lately that we've done all our cooking outside on the BBQ!) I removed the oven pan, and watched the existing ignitor. It glowed quite orange, and did ignite the gas. If it is not working, should I still see it glowing quite hot?

I'm guessing that despite it appearing to work, once I put in a new one I will see that it glows hotter and faster. But I just wanted to confirm before I shelled out the $80Cdn for a new ignitor.

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