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Thanks after the fact ;) GE dishwasher GSD3220Z05BB

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Just wanted to say thanks after the fact.

I almost bought a Water inlet valve for my GE dishwasher. Luckily I found this message board that was saying that I needed 120 Volts to the solenoid for it to work properly. I was getting 6-12 volts and on some of the devices I have worked on in the past that is plenty/standard for a DC solenoid, so I almost dismissed it.

It happened to be a faulty "Heated Dry" switch. I had noticed that it seemed to be stuck in the middle. It's a 2 way switch on the front. I think it went faulty due to someone leaning on the front of the machine when it was running causing the switch to short out / fuse in position (half pressed between off and on). I have it temporarily bypassed in the off position, and it's working happily.

I'm used to working in the DC relay world and Computers. This sort of sent me off in the wrong direction.. Off on the "Heated Dry" switch is not actually a switch being off it simply activates another circuit, and 6 - 12 V is not enough to run one of these AC water inlet valves.

So thanks for the info on this message board. It was very helpful. It saved me from buying the wrong part.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Tom, thank you very much for this post!!  Is very nice of you to let us know we help some people who never even ask a question...have a good evening......;)

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There have been so many times I have fixed something without help, or have not been able to find the info on the web. I thought it would be a good idea to post with a thanks and some more info for the next person to hopefully be able to utilize.  One of the reasons I put the model number in the title.

Thanks again,


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