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Joe L

Ge refrig door cam assembly

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Ok, all you experts can begin laughing now, but I have a problem reassembling a refrigerator door. I hace A  GE CSXEJF and I needed to replace the door hindge, cam and 2 shims. The old parts were worn very bad so I had very little reference to look at before I removed the door hindge. I had no problem with the door hindge( any dummy could have done that), but I do not know the correct order to reassemble the bottom of the door cam etc. So I now have a Nutstrip, Hindge cam riser and Shim riser cam ( and I only know what thery are called by the invoice). So It seams whatever order I put them , they do not fis properly, the hinge cam riser will not fit flat against the bottom of the door.

SOOOOO what is the correct order of replacing the parts???

Lucky for me this is a backup unit and I do not need it running , yet.

Thanks folks.


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