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Another Kenmore 665 dishwasher nightmare

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Hi everyone:

I have seen many posts concerning this piece of junk,so I would not recomend buying one! Is there a solution for the problem I'm experiencing? I have Kenmore dishwasher #665-

16933000 5yrs old.All of a sudden display went crazy with

vertical and horoizantal lines and control panel went dead,

except for Air Dry Lock.I replaced switch in door and then

gained the other 2 options HighTemp and SaniRinse(lights only) I bypassed thermal fuse no luck.I replaced control board, same thing.Is there something stupid I'm overlooking?

Does the gasket keep the machine from operating? (it's not great)Do I have to have the door completely back together?

I probably need touchpad now I'm guessing.I'm not a rich person and could use some advice!

Thanks Anyone

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Sumdooduno,  This d/w has a lot of crap out on it.  First start to make sure you don't have it in the demo in this order....high temp--air dry--air dry---high temp.  See if does anything.  You said you replaced the board...There was a flash out on this too  concerning high line voltage.  The board has been reworked and should state Reworked High line on it.   Im wondering if yours stated this.   If your line voltage is ok,  you probabley have a stuck or shorted keypad......Ron

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